10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (2023)

Are you looking for the best headphones under INR 10000 in India? You have the correct page.

Headphones have now become an important part of our daily lives and people are now willing to invest heavily in a good music experience. They know that entertainment is just as important as work. What good is Netflix, Gaana, Saavn, Amazon Prime subscription if you can't enjoy the beautiful sound effects?

In this article, I am listing the best headphones under Rs. 10000 which can give you the best sound experience. All these headphones offer a good musical experience, comfort and a good finish.

Before we go any further, let us know what you should consider when shopping for good headphones.

Features to consider before buying headphones:

1. Structure and Durability:

The most important thing to consider when buying a pair of headphones at this price is their construction and durability. Most headphones under INR 10000 are made of durable plastic with metal components or accents that probably come to mind. But checking the build quality is very important.

2. Good sound quality:

The sound quality of headphones under Rs 10,000 will not disappoint you, but this price range has headphones with different sound signatures. So, depending on your preferences, you have to look for the perfect headphones.

3. Music and call control:

Headphones below this price have good controls to help you control music and calls from the headset.

4. Microphones

A headset with a good microphone is very important for clear sound when making calls. This list includes headphones with a good microphone.

5. Comfort

Comfort is also a very important factor when buying good headphones. High-quality ear pads are very important for a long and enjoyable listening experience.

6. Battery life:

Good battery life is very important when you buy wireless headphones. This gives you a great playback experience on a single charge.

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Best Headphones Under 10000 INR

We picked the 5 best headphones under 10000 INR. If you are looking for a good headphones in this segment, you can buy any of these headphones.

Headphones under Rs. 10000TypePreisBuy here
Audio Technica ATH-M50xcablingRs. 9999Buy here
sony xb950b1wirelessRs. 9999Buy here
SennheiserHD4.40BTwirelessRs. 7490Buy here
Skullcandy S6CRW-K591 CrusherwirelessRs. 9760Buy here
JBL E65BTNCwirelessRs. 9750Buy here
Philips PH802wirelessRs. 9999Buy here
Sony WH-CH710NwirelessRs. 9990Buy here
JBL LIVE 650BTNCwirelessRs. 9999Buy here
Sennheiser HD350BTwirelessRs. 7490Buy here
Beyerdynamic DT240 PROcablingRs. 6390Buy here

1. Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Technica ATH-M50x is the best to buy if your budget is up to Rs. 10000. This is a wired headset and it comes with a long cable. It features large-aperture 45mm drivers that deliver excellent sound. The bass is excellent. The headphones work well for any type of music listening.

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Speaking of the build and design, it impresses. It looks classy and will surely catch everyone's eyes. It's plastic, so it doesn't feel premium, but it looks nice. It has padding to carry it comfortably or for long listening sessions. The ear cups can also be rotated to lie flat around your neck when not in use. It has a detachable cable design and the company also gives the headset three cables.

Speaking of cons, it looks a bit clunky and also lacks a built-in microphone. So you can't make phone calls.

It's stylish, comfortable, and offers great overall sound. So I recommend it as the best headset under Rs. 10000.

Buy here: amazonas Flipkart Cry

There's also a wireless version of the same Audio Technica ATH-M50xBT headphones. It is expensive, it costs Rs. 16448. If you are interested in it, you canbuy it here.

2 Sony XB950B1

Sony XB950B1 is also a wireless headset that you can consider in this price segment. It comes with the adjustable bass feature, which means that you can change the bass output of the headphones. You will surely like it if you love tracks with a lot of bass. But you may not like its performance in jazz or classical music because of its over-emphasized bass.

It offers a long battery life. You can easily get up to 20 hours of battery life from this headset. This is really excellent. There is also a microphone for calls and it works better than average.

The Sony XB950B1 features an over-ear design that isolates listeners from outside noise. It has cushions on the earcups and headband to keep you comfortable for long periods of time. It also has a 3.5mm jack for wired use and there's a dedicated button to toggle active noise cancellation. It has dedicated buttons for volume and track control.

There is an app that allows you to control the output of your music from your smartphone.

If you like loud music with heavy bass, the Sony MDR-XB950B1 won't let you down. If you are looking for the best noise canceling headphones in India under INR 10000, then you should consider buying these headphones.

Buy here: amazonas Flipkart Cry

3. Sennheiser-HD 4.40BT

If you are looking for a wireless headset, you must try this headset. Sennheiser HD4.40BT. It is an over-ear headphone that offers a good music experience. It also has an auxiliary port, so you can use it as a wired headset as well. But the cable lacks the inline remote.

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The headphones work well and offer excellent audio quality. It offers a powerful bass range even at maximum volume. So, bass lovers will surely enjoy it. There's solid high-frequency clarity, too.

These headphones also have two omnidirectional microphones, so you can use them to make calls too. The microphone also cuts a good figure.

It also has good build quality. It comes with a closed design and looks attractive. It is not comfortable and fits the ears, so it cannot be used for a long time. It also has control buttons on the side panel of the right earcup to turn on and control music. These buttons are easy to reach and use.

These headphones work well and are good value for money.

Buy here: amazonas Flipkart Cry

4. Triturador Skullcandy

Skullcandy Crusher is a wireless headset and it deserves a mention on this list. You can also use it as a wired headset using a 3.5mm aux cable.

It comes with 40mm drivers that deliver clear sound, good mids, and rich bass. He plays well and impresses with his music. There is an active noise canceling feature that cuts out all external noise so you can enjoy pure music.

Get up to 24 hours of battery life with just Bluetooth. Using it with Bluetooth and active noise cancellation enabled will give you around 15 hours of battery life.

It comes with a nice folding design. You can fold it to carry. It has a plastic construction with a matte black coating. It also has padding on the ear cup and faux leather on the headband. It feels cheap due to the plastic construction, but the build quality is good. It has three buttons on the right earcup to control music. You can also use it to access your phone's personal assistant.

Buy here: amazonas Flipkart Cry


It is quite good in terms of music and has a noise canceling feature that can be turned on or off. In general, the music experience with these headphones is good. It also offers a deep bass response. Noise cancellation works well too.

JBL E65BTNC is made mostly of plastic with faux leather and some mesh fabric. It has all the controls on the right cup. It's a bluetooth headset, but it can also be purchased as a wired headset with the aux cord. It feels good and is comfortable. These headphones look good too.

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The battery in these headphones also does a good job, giving you around 15 hours of playback. It doesn't take long either.

This earphone has good performance and good workmanship. It also offers good value for money. So in general it is good to buy for less than Rs 10,000.

Buy here: amazonas Flipkart Cry

6. Performance of Philips TAPH802BK

10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (6)

Philips PH802 wireless on-ear headphones deliver detailed sound and powerful bass. It has high-resolution audio to hear every detail. This headset makes traveling a breeze as it has 30 hours of playtime and has a quick charge feature that offers 2 hours of playtime in just 5 minutes of charging.

With a built-in echo canceling microphone for clear audio, these headphones offer a good audio call experience. It also has a multifunction button for easy control of music and calls.

The headphones also have a line-in cable connection for wired listening.

Buy here:amazonas

7. Sony WH-CH710N

10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (7)

The Sony WH-CH710N are wireless noise-canceling headphones that deliver a powerful, distraction-free music experience anywhere. The headphones have an AI Automatic Noise Reduction (AINC) feature that constantly analyzes the components of ambient noise and automatically selects the most effective noise reduction filter for your environment.

The headphones have a sleek, rounded design that looks good. A simple push of a button connects you to your smartphone's voice assistant to get directions, play music and communicate with contacts. It also has dual microphones that pick up more of the ambient noise and provide a good call experience.

It has a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides up to 35 hours of wireless playback on a single charge. Plus, you get 60 minutes of playback from just 10 minutes of charging with a quick charge feature.

Buy here:amazonas

8. JBL en vivo 650BTN

10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (8)

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JBL LIVE 650BTNC is a wireless noise canceling on-ear headphones under INR 10,000. Active noise cancellation technology lets you block out ambient noise so nothing disturbs your music. It's packed with powerful 40mm drivers that deliver JBL Signature Sound with boosted bass, so every track on every playlist pops.

You can easily access Amazon Alexa with just a touch of the earpiece and play your favorite playlist, text your friends or check the weather and more without looking at your phone.

It has a fresh, light and comfortable design that will add extra style to your look. It features multi-point connectivity and a convenient detachable remote/microphone cable. This feature allows you to continue playing even when the battery is depleted.

The headphones have up to 30 hours (20 hours with BT + ANC) of music streaming on a 2-hour charge.

Buy here:amazonas

9. Sennheiser-HD 350BT

10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (9)

The Sennheiser HD 350BT headphones are wireless headphones that offer a good sound experience with deep and dynamic bass. It features the latest wireless technology, including Bluetooth 5.0 quality codec support, offering better connectivity and seamless audio-video synchronization. You can control music and calls by touching the buttons on the earphones.

The Sennheiser HD 350BT headphones have a dedicated Voice Assistant button for voice interaction with Siri or the Google Assistant. You can play your favorite playlist, text your friends and more without using your phone.

It has an excellent 30-hour battery life and fast charging via USB-C.

Buy here:amazonas

10. Beyerdynamic DT 240 Pro

10 Best Headphones Under Rs. 10000 in India (10)

The DT 240 PRO are monitor headphones designed for creative and professional users. It's perfect for producers, podcasters, and filmmakers who want to get the most audio quality out of their gear, yet it's ideal for both studio use and mobile devices.

The Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO features a compact over-ear design and powerful speakers. High isolation from ambient noise and minimal sound loss make the DT 240 PRO the ideal tool for outdoor use.

Buy here:amazonas

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last words

This is the list of the best headphones under 10000 INR. You can buy any of these headphones if you want a good music experience. Audio Technica ATH-M50x is what I recommend. If you want a pair of wireless headphones, you can go for the Sony XB950B1. If you think I've missed a good one that should be on this list, let me know and I'll definitely give it a try.


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