Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (2023)

Wired headphones provide a strain-free music listening experience without the need to frequently charge your device.

While wireless headphones are certainly comfortable to wear, the sound quality is generally better than wired equivalents, as signal loss due to interference is significantly less.

True audiophiles with a fixed budget in mind will find this article on the eight best wired headphones under Rs. 10,000 to your liking.

We have done extensive market research to bring you the best there is. Trust us, you will like it. Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and let's get started!

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xThe best choice overall
2. Sennheiser HD 280 PROrunner-up pick
3. AKG K361Cheap Wired Headphones
4. HyperX Cloud StingerFeature-Rich Gaming Headset
5. Harman Kardon SohoWired Lightweight Headphones
6. Creative aurvanaInexpensive wired headphones with ANC
7. Jabra Evolve 20SEThe best headphones for voice calls
8. Brainwavz HM5Honorific mention

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1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (1)

The best choice overall

  • Studio-quality monitor headphones
  • detachable cables
  • Compact and portable form factor



Well balanced sound output

Detailed and robust construction

Excellent noise isolation


Listening fatigue occurs with prolonged listening

Audio-Technica products have been some of the regulars on our best buy lists, be it headphones orearphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is a wired headphone that focuses on bringing studio-quality sound output to the masses.

produce quality

The moment you wear these headphones around your neck, you'll feel like you're a pro-level audio enthusiast.

no kidding these are connectedearphonesThey have an attractive and colorful design with personality attached to them.

Audio-Technica's M series headphones are acclaimed for their pure performance metrics and this product never fails to deliver the same.

The build quality is incredible and the attention to detail is exemplary. The left and right markings are designed to avoid confusion when using them.

The contoured ear cups are comfortable and fit precisely around the ears, minimizing noise leakage to the outside.

The fully collapsible ear cups make this product much more compact and can be easily placed in tight spaces without damaging internal components.

sound quality

As the successor to the original M50, Audio-Technica has the right recipe here in terms of excellent sound output. With the M50x, the recipe is improved to deliver even better sound (that sounds good!).

45mm drivers deliver excellent studio quality without compromising bass or treble crispness and clarity.

These wired headphones are characterized by deep, rich bass, balanced and natural mids along with beautifully detailed highs.

The company itself markets this product as studio monitor headphones, as the sound signature of these headphones matches that of other products used in the studio, such as Marshall.


These wired headphones come with detachable cables. The box package includes three separate cables that vary in length and form factor.

A 1.2m round cable, a 3m round cable and a 1.1m coiled cable are available for use with this headset.

There's no need for a separate amplifier to hear music in all its glory with these headphones.

The closed-back design minimizes audio leakage and ensures an immersive listening experience.


The Audio-Technica M50x is a studio-grade monitoring headphone that offers one of the most balanced sound output in headphones priced under Rs.10,000.

The robust build quality and professional-grade accessories make it a smarter choice to spend your money on if you're looking for audiophile-quality headphones.


Driver Size45 mm
online microphoneNo
Frequency range15-28000Hz
impedance rating38 ohms


2. Sennheiser HD 280 PRO

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (2)

runner-up pick

  • great soundstage
  • Ambient noise isolation
  • Suitable for all genres of music.



Excellent wearing comfort

(Video) 2022 Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs 10,000 | Don't MISS THEM 🔥🔥🔥

strong wire on one side

Well balanced sound output


high impedance

Sennheiser needs no introduction to the Indian market, thanks to the range of excellent headphones and earphones that have gained popularity among the general public.

The Sennheiser HD-280 Pro is a studio-quality wired headphone that comes with a very comfortable fit and form factor.

produce quality

Sennheiser HD-280 Pro is one of the headphones that are ergonomically designed for user comfort.

The drab black finish looks minimalist yet elegant. The use of high-quality plastics for the construction makes the headphones feel durable and solid.

The ear cups are foldable and the adjustable headband offers different pitch sizes to fit your head perfectly.

The headband's use of an unconventional raised pad ensures that comfort stays the same for hours.

The single-sided cable ensures there is no annoyance or distraction when listening to music on the go.

sound quality

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is equipped with a 40mmneodymium magnet controllers.

These custom drivers deliver an excellent tonally rich and balanced sound profile that is equally suited to all types of music genres.

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro covers a wide frequency spectrum from 8 to 25,000 Hz, which is sufficient for a studio-quality listening experience.

The only downside to these wired headphones is the high impedance of 47 ohms. This means that the power required to utilize the full potential of this headset is higher and budget smartphones may experience some degradation in audio performance with this device.


Ambient Noise Isolation (AMN) is Sennheiser's nickname for its noise cancellation technology.

The HD 280 Pro has AMN up to 32dB. This means that the headphones can prevent sounds of up to 32 dB from entering the ear canal.

AMN ensures a peaceful music listening session when you're out and about.


The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro is a comfortable over-ear wired headphone that has excellent active noise cancellation to ensure performance.

The ergonomic design and wearing comfort also make this headset worth finding on our list of best headsets priced under Rs 10,000.


Driver Size40 mm
online microphoneNo
Frequency range8 - 25000Hz
impedance rating64 ohms

3. AKG K361

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (3)

Cheap Wired Headphones

  • good audio output
  • Closed back design, over the ear.
  • foldable design



Decent build quality

foldable design

light construction


No built-in microphone

AKG is a popular brand of hi-fi audio equipment owned by Harman International. AKG markets premium quality headphones and car audio systems worldwide with high-fidelity sound output.

AKG's K361 is a mid-range premium wired headphone that sells in the Indian market for just under Rs 6,000.

Design and construction quality.

The AKG K361 headphones have a closed-back, over-ear design to ensure the best wearing comfort for the user.

Thanks to the use of high-quality materials for their construction, these wired headphones look strong and durable.

The ear cups are extensively padded so as not to cause fatigue when listening to music for long periods of time. However, we think the headband cushion could be a bit more comfortable.

The folding hinge allows this headset to be portable and can be taken anywhere in your backpack.

sound quality

The AKG K361 features 50mm drivers tuned to perfection by AKG to deliver a pleasing sound output with deep, rich bass and clean vocals accompanied by crisp high notes.

The over-ear design offers decent noise cancellation and allows you to listen to music in an immersive way.

Even when music is played at maximum volume levels, distortion is not noticeable, indicating the robustness of the internal speaker driver.


This is an inexpensive studio monitoring headphone. So there is no built-in remote to support voice calls.


The AKG K361 is a premium mid-range wired headphone ideal for studio monitoring purposes.

If you're okay with the lack of a microphone for voice calls, the AKG 361 offers a very balanced and pleasing sound output with excellent detail.


Driver Size50 mm
online microphoneNo
Frequency range15 - 28000Hz
impedance rating32 ohms

4. HyperX Cloud Core

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (4)

Feature-Rich Gaming Headset

  • 7.1 Environment
  • aluminium frame
  • cross platform compatibility


(Video) Don’t Buy Headphone Before Watching This Video


memory foam pillows

volume control unit

detachable microphone


Low microphone audibility

The Cloud Core is another headset for gamers made by HyperX, which is a sub-brand of the American multinational Kingston Technologies.

HyperX Cloud Core plugs into gaming headsets priced under Rs.7000.

build and design

The first thing you'll notice when you get the HyperX Cloud Core is that it's a premium headset in terms of looks.

This gaming headset features a media remote with volume controls and a microphone. It can also be used to toggle the 7.1 surround sound mode.

As we mentioned before, this headset feels premium in the hand. The HyperX Cloud Core has an aluminum frame with brushed aluminum inserts that are also used in the earcups. The rest of the chassis is built with good quality polycarbonate plastic materials.

The design of the headphones is quite simple. These premium mid-range gaming headsets don't have RGB LED lighting. If you're a fan of these superficial features, you're better off picking up another gaming headset on this list.

For maximum comfort while gaming, HyperX features memory foam padding on the Cloud Core ear cups, which are extremely soft. This ensures a comfortable experience when using headphones. You'll be able to play for long periods without ear fatigue.

The HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset features a detachable microphone that is also flexible and of good quality. You can take out the headphones when you are not using them.

This premium wired gaming headset has a braided cable that is durable and terminated with a 3.5mm pin. If you are playing games on consoles, you can connect your headphones directly to them.

Earlier, we mentioned the media remote, which works as an extension of the headphones. If you connect headphones to the media controller, you have access to volume options and 7.1 surround sound.

However, the media remote has a USB connector, which means you would need an OTG to use it with consoles or other mobile devices likesmart phones.

sound quality

The sound quality offered by the Cloud Core gaming headset is exceptionally good.

Custom 53mm drivers inside the HyperX Cloud Core give you the best audio quality in a gaming headset at this price.

Let's go into more detail about audio quality.

The driver inside the earcups does an excellent job of delivering crisp, clear audio. The mids are clear and the voices are very good and you will be able to hear the dialogues between the characters well during the game.

The headset has a frequency response range of 15 Hz to 25 kHz. The high-frequency response of the headphones is really good at covering almost all notes, from the lowest treble to the treble.

When you buy a gaming headset, you don't expect it to provide a good music listening experience, but that's not the case here with the HyperX Cloud Core. This headset does a great job and if you want you can also listen to music.

Now let's talk about 7.1 surround sound.

The 7.1 surround sound mode on this gaming headset can be switched using the media controller after connecting to the headset. This headset provides a 7.1 virtual surround sound effect, which is not true surround sound, however. In general, virtual surround sound quality tends to be decent to poor, but the HyperX Cloud Core has good virtual surround sound.

This is useful when playing online - you get a good sense of direction and you know where the shot was fired and you can even hear footsteps.

It is recommended that you use 7.1 surround sound only when playing games and not listening to music because music on headphones sounds better without 7.1 surround sound mode.

The sound output from the microphone seems low, but there is no static or distortion. You should speak louder when talking to your teammates as they may not hear you.


HyperX Cloud Core is an amazing gaming headset for those with a budget of around Rs.7000.

This headset does have some downsides, such as poor microphone audibility, but the benefits of the headset far outweigh its downsides.


Driver Size53 mm
online microphoneSim
Frequency range15 Hz - 25 kHz
impedance rating64 ohms

5. Harman Kardon Soho

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (5)

Wired Lightweight Headphones

  • Balanced sound output quality
  • universal compatibility
  • one year warranty



Premium leather finish

detachable cables

Rugged case included


May feel too tight on large heads

Harman Kardon is a well-known manufacturer of hi-fi audio equipment, which is now owned by Samsung Electronics.

The Harman Kardon Soho is a no-frills lightweightpremium wired headphoneswith an over-ear design it sells for just Rs 9,990.

produce quality

The design of the Harman Kardon Soho can be called minimalist in one word.

These premium headphones from Harman Kadon have a stainless steel base frame. The size of the headband can be adjusted to fit the size of the listener's head, and the ear cups themselves rotate for the correct fit.

Pure leather covering over the headband and earcup casing gives this expensive wired headset a luxurious feel.

The fabric ear cushions and headband supports are of very high quality and are very comfortable to wear around the head.

The ear pads are attached to the chassis with the help of magnets and can be easily removed to connect cables.

(Video) TOP 5 BEST Over The Ear - Noise Cnacelling Headphones Under $100 [2022]

sound quality

Harman Kardon Soho premium wired headphones feature 30mm drivers.

These drivers are internally tuned to provide a nice, well-balanced sound output. Low notes stay natural and do not interfere with vocal or high notes.

If you are someone who listens to music of all genres, these headphones are sure to satisfy your listening appetite.

These headphones have a sensitivity of 100dB/mW, which means that the internal speakers can go loud enough without any sound distortion.


With the Harman Kardon Soho, the company includes a hard case that can be used to keep these expensive headphones safe during transport.

Inside the box, you'll receive a pair of cables, one with a built-in microphone and one without, both of which plug into the slots under the ear pads of the headphones.

The microphone built into this headset works perfectly well when used indoors and great outdoors.


The Harman Kardon Soho is one of the best-designed wired headphones on the market, with a sleek and comfortable form factor without compromising the overall quality of audio output.


Driver Size30 mm
online microphoneSim
Frequency range20Hz - 20kHz
impedance rating32 ohms


6. Creative aurvana

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (6)

Inexpensive wired headphones with ANC

  • 40 hours ANC on a single AAA battery
  • Neodymium magnet for better sound
  • Built-in microphone for voice calls



nylon braided cable

Rich bass sound output

1 year warranty


Average build quality

Creative is a Singapore-based company popular for its low-cost audio related products in the Indian market.

Creative Aurvana is a premium type of over-ear headphones with an impressive USP that sets it apart from the competition:active noise cancellation.

produce quality

The Creative Aurvana comes with a very shiny fit and finish. The mirror finish on the outside of the earcups may appeal to some, but it doesn't look pretty at all.

Build quality is average for a Rs 10,000 price tag, but acceptable considering its USP: active noise cancellation.

This wired headset comes with a carry bag. The headphones can be folded and stored safely inside the case.

The foam ear cushions are comfortable, as is the adjustable headband.

sound quality

Creative Aurvana wired headphones are powered by a 40mm sound driver that covers the entire audible spectrum from 20 to 20,000Hz.

Due to the high impedance, these premium headphones work best with devices with built-in amplifiers.

Yes, you can use it with normal smartphones, but the output quality will be significantly different.

The heavy bass sound sounds perfectly natural. The mids and highs are also clean and crisp.

There is no distortion in the sound output even when music is played at full volume.

Active noise cancellation and microphone

Active noise cancellation was even a luxury found only in high-end headphones and headphones that cost a fortune.

With Creative Aurvana, ANC also reaches headphones under Rs.10000. This feature is powered by a single AAA battery and lasts for 40 hours of active music playback.

It blocks out all surrounding ambient noise and gives you a serene and relaxing music listening experience.


Creative Aurvana is an ANC headphone priced under Rs. 10,000, aimed at serious audiophiles who want a studio-quality music listening experience.


Driver Size40 mm
online microphoneSim
Frequency range20-20000Hz
impedance rating32 ohms

7. Jabra Evolve 20SE

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (7)

The best headphones for voice calls

  • Excellent noise cancellation
  • Comfortable in-ear design
  • Signature balanced sound output



Solid build quality

(Video) Best Wireless Headphones of 2023

Transport bag included

retractable microphone


bulky inline remote

Jabra is one of the pioneers of high-fidelity audio equipment, popular for its audio quality around the world.

Jabra's Evolve 20SE is a premium headset priced under Rs 10,000 available for purchase in the Indian market as of now.

produce quality

The Jabra Evolve 20SE is made from high-quality, durable plastic materials that don't look cheap at all.

The fit and finish of these wired headphones is excellent and there are no loose parts or any noticeable flex in the body.

The in-ear design with the soft ear cushion on the cushion makes these headphones comfortable enough for long time listening to music.

The connection cable for this headset comes in two pieces. The optional cable with in-line controls including volume buttons has a USB connector at the end, while the main cable has the normal 3.5mm pin.

sound quality

The 28mm drivers inside the Jabra Evolve 20SE deliver detailed, distortion-free vocal output.

This premium headset from Jabra is designed to provide the best possible voice call experience and excels at it.

Noise cancellation is superior, and thanks to the retractable microphone, the increased sensitivity helps the person on the other end have a pleasant voice call experience.

However, balanced high and low notes may not be as satisfying to bassists. For purists who love a well-balanced sound output signature, the Evolve 20SE scores.


The optional inline remote section of the cable is large and rounded. It may not be ideal for someone to carry this everywhere in their pocket.

You will lose the inline controls when using it with a smartphone and will have to rely on the phone screen for volume/track control.


The Jabra Evolve 20SE is an ideal choice as a wired headset that can be used for VoIP calls during online classes and office meetings.


Driver Size28 mm
online microphoneSim
Frequency range150Hz - 7000Hz
impedance rating28 ohms

8. Brainwavz HM5

Best Headphones Under Rs 10,000 (Wired & Overhead) (March 2022) (8)

Honorific mention

  • neutral sound signature
  • Good stereo stage separation
  • hard carry case



detachable cables

soft ear pads

adjustable headband


no microphone online

Brainwavz is an Indian company that sells cheap earphones and headphones in the market.

The Brainwavz HM5 is a premium wired headphone that delivers perfectly balanced bass and treble sound output.

produce quality

The Brainwavz HM5 is designed to be a studio monitor headphone and it sounds very professional.

The two-tone black and metallic color scheme looks very premium and minimalist at the same time.

The build quality of this headset is excellent. The use of top quality materials guarantees excellent durability.

The ear cushions are soft and nice to wear around your ears.

The size-adjustable headband stays securely on your head without moving around.

sound quality

The Brainwavz HM5 features a 42mm neodymium magnet driver with a deep bass response that complements the clarity of vocals and high notes.

The stereo stage separation is perfect and offers a smooth and neutral audio output.

As the soft cushion covers the entire ear, passive noise isolation works well to provide an immersive music listening experience.


This wired headset comes with two sets of detachable cables: a 1.3m cable and a 3m cable.

Can be used with smartphones, TVs andlaptopseffortlessly so you can keep listening to music without worrying about cable length.

These premium headphones are packaged with a hard case that can be used to keep the headphones safe during transport.


The Brainwavz HM5 is one of the best wired headphones on the market, delivering sound output with excellent stage separation.

Bass levels and high notes complement each other perfectly, providing an overall pleasant listening experience.


Driver Size42mm
online microphoneNo
Frequency range10 - 26500 Hz
impedance rating64 ohms

This concludes our list of the eight best wired headphones available in India with a budget of Rs 10,000.

If you find the budget a bit excessive, we suggest you check thebest wired headphones under Rs. 5,000item for more affordable options.

If you have any suggestions or ideas that could improve this article, feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

Thank you for visiting the site and have a nice day!

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