How are footballers sponsored? - Football sponsorship | Insider Field Information (2023)

The football world is teeming with football sponsorships everywhere you look. From competitions to stadiums to t-shirt sponsors,The clubs are partners with several brands.However, the players themselves also have their individual sponsorship deals. In fact, for the top four sportswear brands;Adidas, Nike, Puma and Under Armour, 60% of theirSponsorship Offersare with football players.

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1.1. Exclusiveness in Boot Deals:

3.why is football sponsorship so lucrative?

3.1. Club performance

3.2. Social Media Ads

4. What about the money they earn for their sponsors?

5. Image Rights

5.1. Image rights; Conflict with clubs:

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When you think of the best players in the world like Ronaldo and Messi. YYou will instantly associate them with your brands. The two most notable football sponsorships areCristiano Ronaldo's lifetime contract with Nike is worth more than $1 billion. ASponsorship of Lionel Messi withAdidas, what it isalso a lifetime deal, which earns him $12 million a year.

boat deals

First, the most common form of football sponsorshipANDBoat Deals. For players are bootsimportant for comfortlike thisPerformance. Boots are now designed to complement football-specific attributes such as pace, touch or passing accuracy. TSo it's important for players to wear the right shoe and work with the right sponsor.

Of course, players must use their team's equipment. So Boots are the only equipment displayed during a match that can show individuality and personal taste.That's why brands fight for itSponsor elite playerand make sureexclusivelydress up your brand and model your new releases into matches.

Exclusiveness in Boot Deals:

For many football players, boot agreements include consent to wear branded boots for all training and games.. And sometimes include exclusivity ofall sports and fitness clothing. Players would constantly receive new cleats and training apparel as part of the deal.

James Milner revealed this in his book How to be a Footballer as part of his sponsorship with Nike.. Hand could requestcustom bootsmatch your comfort preferences.

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How are football players first sponsored?

Well, if you're just starting out in the game, you can wear whatever shoe you're most comfortable with. The players probablyencouragedor offered to wear branded bootswho sponsors the clubthey play for. AThus, the club would have a stock and negotiate all kits. Oncebecome a playerEstablished and well-known brands in the game would likely approach the player's agent to close a deal.

Brands like Nike andAdidashave dedicated headhunters and recruitment plans to find and recruit young talentlong term promotionDeals ahead of your competitors. For example, Nike has a sponsorship deal with the youngest son of the legend, Patrick Kluivert..

Cho plays in the FC Barcelona youth system at the age of 14! That"Young Athlete"Contracts are investments in the future.As Nike expects them to partner with thefuture global superstars.

For elite players

This type of football sponsorship is often much more than just football boots and training gear.. Cso you are aglobal star. You may have seen Messi, Ronaldo, Pogbaor Salah in TV commercials for certain brands and this is usually part of the business of aAmbassador-Role.

This type ofsoccer sponsorshipThis includes promotional appearances, social media work, photo shoots, advertisements, as well as using a variety of products such as bags, watches, accessories, and even personal care products and aftershaves.

It's not like the player has to actively promote all these products, but the dealprevent the player from signing another sponsorship contractwith any other brand that wants the player to promote those products.

Who negotiates these agreements?

It would be the role of the playerS'Agents and lawyers to negotiate these deals and secure comprehensive sponsorship of boats from major brands such asNike,Adidasand cougardoes not detract from the player's earning potential. Because for football's global superstars, sponsorship offers come from near and far and affect virtually every product.

For most professional players, aboot deal is the only type of sponsorThey have. Those with a slightly higher profile or social media following can do this.terAmbassador roles for football or sports related brands such as nutrition brands or EA Sports where they represent the FIFA video game. but it's herElite players who attract sponsorsfrom all types of global brands.

Leo Messi:

An example isLionel Messi.He has had sponsorship and endorsement deals with companies like Mastercard, Turkish Airlines and Pepsi. In recent years, soccer players have become eliteas popular as traditional celebrities,This means that your recommendations have become very valuable to global brands.

Why is football sponsorship so lucrative?

Essentially, it's all about exposure. The more games they play on TV, the more important those games are to the brand. That's what football sponsorship is all aboutfull of performance related bonuses. The highest paying offers are only awarded to players playing for "Category 1 clubs".

These would be teams like Barcelona, ​​​​Manchester United, Juventus and Bayern. The player would have to dub70% of competitive gamesand ensure that they are regularly selected for the national team to receive their awards.

club services

Even club performance affects player performance, although it is not directly under your control. For example, Tottenham missed out on Champions League football this year, which means likely Harry Kanelost revenue from its deal with Nike. Alternatively, winning the Champions League or the World Cup would offer ahealthy bonusto a player from your sponsor.

social media ads

Today, however, playing the biggest games in the sport is not just seen on the football field. Social networks are now themainstream media for advertising and promotions, and the majoritypopular footballPlayers earn money from their followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo has around500 million followers on Instagram,No wonder their sponsorship deals include social media posts. It is reported that he can win$1 million for a single post,like those promoting its partner brand Clear Shampoo.

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And the money they earn for their sponsors?

Well, the interesting thing about Messi and Ronaldo is that the kits they wear at their clubs are not the same as the brands they are ambassadors for. In fact, while he has aLifetime contract with Adidas,In fact, Messi generated an estimated $111 million in sales for Nike in 2017-18 due to his Barcelona jersey social media presence as well as Barcelona jersey sales.

It's tricky for the two companies to promote their main assets in Messi and Ronaldo, considering they want to avoid images of their star in those of their competitors.kit. As such,brand consistencyit's a very valuable thing tofootball sponsors. For example, Mbapp is aNikeAthlete who also represents Nike for PSG and France. That means he can become acomplete symbol for the brand.

image rights

When multiple brands are involved, football sponsorship may occurcomplicated, especially when it comes to image rights. Top qualityPlayers are usually signed by an image rights company in which they are majority shareholders.

The company owns theplayerfull photo– Appearance, Name, Nickname, Voice, Recommendation and so on. This company contracts with the club and usually also deals with shoe stores and other things.sponsorships.

If the football club wants to use the player to promote its other commercial sponsors, arrangements must be made with the image rights company. could haveinterest conflictswhere the player could have personal sponsorships that compete with some club members.

image rights; Conflict with clubs:

Clubs generally prevent their players from doing business with these companies. However, this can behard for playersThe transfer may have existing deals with, say, Mercedes, but his new club has Audi as its shirt sponsor.

This doesContractual agreements between football and image rights companiessocietiescomplicated, which can slow things down and often involves theAssociation pays compensationfor the player to abandon or limit their sponsorship opportunities.

Elite clubs can have over 60 trading partners, so the likelihood of conflicts with player referrals is quite high. It has been reported that Tottenhamcould not sign Dybalaon the broadcast date due in large part to delays caused byImage rights issuesthis could not be resolved in time.


Overall, football sponsorships are a huge part of a football player's life today. Modern game players certainly have more personality, individuality and charisma and of coursesocial media has played a big roleto increase the popularity of football players.

Pogba, Neymar, Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo are the sport's most salable footballers and can add significant value to brands. who knows whatFuture of football sponsorship, but you're likely to see more elite players in TV commercials, billboards and Instagram.

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How do football sponsorships work? ›

What are sponsorships in sports? Put very simply, a sponsorship in football, and sport in general, is a business providing funds to a team to help them buy essential assets such as team kits, equipment, training facilities and even travel to and from matches.

How do footballers get sponsors? ›

10 tips for getting a sponsor
  1. 1 Identify Your Market. Make sure you know your target market. ...
  2. 2 Get A Website. ...
  3. 3 KNOW What You Need. ...
  4. 4 WORK OUT What To Say. ...
  5. 5 Use The LOCAL Media. ...
  6. 6 Offer Added Value. ...
  7. 7 Sell Your Connections. ...
  8. 8 Take A Chance.

How does kit sponsorship work? ›

Kit Sponsorship will see you enter into a mutually beneficial relationship with the club of your choice. You provide the club with funding, resources or services and in return will be afforded the opportunity to use the name, logo and rights as part of a mutually agreed association with the club.

What are the benefits of sponsorship in football? ›

Sponsorship can provide a strong increase in brand awareness and better brand positioning: the two combined elements will lead to brand preference and in improved sales. The passion ignited by riders, drivers, athletes, or by teams or any other sportsman in other disciplines, can't be rivaled.

What do sponsors get in return? ›

By sponsoring events, companies enjoy a set of perks that typically include the following: Increased brand exposure through the event itself, event advertising, and media coverage. In-event speaking opportunities that help boost their brand equity. Direct contact with an audience full of relatively warm leads.

What happens when a company sponsors a football team? ›

In return, the football club or team agrees to promote the company or brand to its fans and followers. Football sponsorship can be very effective for businesses and brands to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience. It can also help to build brand loyalty among football fans.

How much does it cost to sponsor a football stadium? ›

Stadium NameSponsorAvg. $/Year
Ameriquest FieldAmeriquest Capital Corp.$2.5 million
Arco ArenaAtlantic Richfield$750,000
Bank of America StadiumBank of America$7 million
Bank One BallparkBank One$2.2 million
69 more rows
Sep 29, 2022

What is the biggest sponsorship in football? ›

Nike. Nike is a massive brand in the world of sports. It has sponsored football kits for some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Barcelona and Manchester United. It has also sponsored kits for big national teams like Brazil.

Who are the main sponsors of football? ›

Adidas, Nike, Castore, Umbro, Puma, Hummel and Macron are all represented. It is the same amount of apparel brands as in 2020/2021. During the 2021/2022 season there were 10 different kit suppliers, the highest amount over the last five seasons.

What is included in a sponsorship package? ›

What information should a sponsorship packet include?
  • Nonprofit Mission.
  • Fundraising event details.
  • Fundraising event goal.
  • Target demographic.
  • Sponsorship levels.
  • Sponsorship benefits.
  • Response deadline.
  • Contact Information.

How does it work when you sponsor someone? ›

Responsibilities as a Sponsor

When you sign the affidavit of support, you accept legal responsibility for financially supporting the sponsored immigrant(s), generally until they become U.S. citizens or are credited with 40 quarters of work.

How are sponsorships activated? ›

A sponsorship activation is a type of brand activation that involves partnering with another organization to appear at their event. Usually, brands pay a sponsorship fee to have access to the event organizer's attendees, but sometimes sponsorships may take the form of in-kind considerations.

What are 3 benefits associated with sponsorship? ›

Businesses receive the following benefits from a sponsorship:
  • It increases visibility for the company and its brand.
  • It allows businesses to aim for a specific demographic of sales.
  • It improves a company's reputation for success and refinement.
  • It generates sales leads.

What do sponsors get out of sponsoring a team? ›

Sponsors offer funding or products and services to support events, trade shows, teams, nonprofits, or organizations. In exchange, you get business exposure and a chance to connect with new customers.

What are the disadvantages of sponsorship? ›

Disadvantages for sport
  • Sponsorship can be limited or easily withdrawn – no security.
  • A performer can become reliant on a particular sponsor, which could then pull out.
  • Some sponsorship (for example, alcohol) gives a bad image to sport.
  • Generous sponsorship is only available to the elite few.

How do sponsors give you money? ›

Sponsorship involves a business relationship between two parties, where one party (sponsor) provides support in the form of funding, resources, or services to the other party (beneficiary). The beneficiary, in return, allows access to the sponsor for rights and associations for commercial advantage.

How do sponsors make money? ›

A sponsorship is when a company commits money or resources to a nonprofit event or program in exchange for specific promotional benefits. In exchange for supporting the nonprofit, the company gets their name and logo on things like: Banners.

Do you have to pay taxes on sponsorship money? ›

Sponsorship dollars are not taxed. The IRS allows exempt organizations to use information that is an established part of a sponsor's identity, such as logos, slogans, locations, telephone numbers, and URLs. There are some exceptions.

How do teams benefit from sponsorship? ›

Having sponsorship funding allows athletes to focus more on the training and production of their sports and reduces stress when it comes to finding money to train and put on events. Sponsorships between brands and teams/ athletes is a partnership where both brand and team benefit.

Do sponsors actually work? ›

sponsorship can be a very effective way for companies to increase their brand awareness and boost their sales.

Do football teams pay for stadiums? ›

More than half, or $1.2 billion, will come from taxpayers. Public funds diverted to help build professional sports stadiums and arenas have cost taxpayers $4.3 billion since 2000. While the NFL and team owners contend that stadiums provide economic benefit to a city, researchers claim it's otherwise.

How much does it cost to own a football field? ›

Cost to replace a worn out turf football field
Football field construction costsTurf football field
Construction costs$750,000 - $1,350,00
Maintenance costs$6,000 - $10,000 x 10 years = $60,000 - $100,000
Utilization time/year2,800 hrs x 10 years = 28,000 hrs.
Cost per hour of use$29 - $52

Why do arenas have sponsors? ›

To generate revenue, many of these venues sell the right to name the stadium after a corporate sponsor.

What sponsor pays the most? ›

The Biggest Endorsement Deals in History
  • DERRICK ROSE. Brand: Adidas. Estimated Value: $260 million. ...
  • RORY MCILROY. Brand: Nike. Estimated Value: $250 million. ...
  • TIGER WOODS. Brand: Nike. Estimated Value: $105 million. ...
  • LEBRON JAMES. Brand: Nike. Estimated Value: $93 million. ...

Who is the highest paid athlete not including endorsements? ›

James Harden ($76 million, No. 9) and Mike Trout ($49.5 million, No. 24) had two of the biggest athlete paydays from the BA deal, with Harden earning close to $20 million.
2022 Highest-Paid Athlete in Each Sport.
AthleteLeBron James
9 more columns
May 11, 2022

What is the highest level of sponsorship? ›

Platinum level sponsorship offers the sponsoring company the highest level of visibility. As a Platinum sponsor, your company will have your logo and a company description along with a link to your company's web site.

What are the most common sponsors? ›

Below is the list of top corporate sponsors, along with the percentage of the 25,000+ organizations in our database that each company sponsored.
  • State Farm – 1.07%
  • Pepsi – 0.98%
  • US Bank – 0.97%
  • Bank of America – 0.92%
  • Budweiser/Budlight – 0.76%
  • Clif Bar – 0.74%
  • CocaCola – 0.72%
  • * Edward Jones – 0.68%

Do football players get sponsorships? ›

The National Football League Players Association (“NFLPA”) welcomes partnership and endorsement opportunities as long as the services and products are consistent with and appropriate to the NFLPA's mission.

How many sponsors are there in football? ›

Currently there are seven FIFA Partners, who have global rights and can use FIFA's branding during all tournaments and across all branches: Adidas (sportswear) Coca Cola (beverage) Wanda Group (conglomerate)

How do you write a sponsorship content? ›

8 Do's and Don'ts of Content Marketing
  1. DO tell a compelling story. ...
  2. DO have a great headline. ...
  3. DO write the story with specific topics and keywords in mind. ...
  4. DO share the content. ...
  5. DON'T “sell” your brand. ...
  6. DON'T be too brief. ...
  7. DON'T use “salesy” images. ...
  8. DON'T expect leads immediately (or to come directly).

How do football sponsors make money? ›

Sponsors make money indirectly from football through brand recognition and reputation building. The major reasons why companies sponsor clubs in football is to get their brand to more audience which in turn brings money to the company.

How much do NFL sponsors make? ›

NFL sponsor revenue hit $1.88 billion, a 4% increase from the year previous, sports consultancy firm IEG said Monday.

How many followers do you need to get paid sponsorship? ›

“How Many Followers Do I Need to Get Sponsored on Instagram?” You don't need a certain number of followers to get a sponsorship! You can land brand deals with as little as 100 followers.


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