How to Make a Guy Regret Calling You a Ghost (and Get Him Back!) (2023)

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? First of all, what an ass. Bye boy, bye!

If a guy is cheating on you we have to make him apologize, I mean girl you are a good piece of ass and he should know he is making a huge mistake by deciding to ignore it.

Do ghosts regret the ghost? Of course! They might not say it, but they sure regret hiding the person sometimes.

Do you want to burn him or even get him back after he cheated on you? There are many ways to make a guy cringe, but here are 30 of our favorite and most effective ways: how to make a ghost cringe!

How to make a guy regret fantasizing about you: 30 effective ways!

Remove it from all your social media accounts:

Do you want to know what to do when a guy cheats on you? Remove it!

Sometimes the best way to make a guy regret cheating on you is to just completely forget about him. Delete him from all of your social media accounts to avoid the temptation to check his profiles and see what he's been up to (or who he's been seeing most recently).

You may never know if he truly regrets cheating on you, but you can avoid the regret he'll feel after spending a night stalking his Facebook and Instagram.

Don't exclude him from social media and show him what he's been missing:

If you don't want to write him off completely, you can use social media to show him what he's missing by ghosting him.

Share that awesome selfie you took, your night out with the girls, or even something more elusive like a possiblemeet the nightimage. It's not guaranteed that you'll have the last laugh here, but if you do your best, he's very likely to regret his decision to ghost you.

Block your number:

This one goes along with getting him off social media and moving on without a second thought. You might still be in love with him, but if he can't use common decency enough to let you know he's not interested in you anymore, you might as well let him go.

Block his number so that if he decides to get back in touch at some point, he won't be able to reach you, possibly causing the inevitable confusion you'll feel with him trying to get back in touch.

Don't block their number, but don't answer when they contact you:

If you want to make him feel the pangs of regret for ghosting you, don't block his number. But when he tries to communicate with you, you don't respond.

And if you really want to veer off the beaten track, turn on your read receipts to let you know you saw your message but chose not to reply. If he decides to approach you again and it's obvious that you chose to ignore him, he will no doubt regret choosing to ghost you in the first place.

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Take time to focus on yourself:

How to get it back after it's been ghosted? Spend time with yourself! There is nothing more amazing than an empowered woman or man!

There is no better revenge than self-care. Instead of focusing on how you can make him regret the way he treated you, focus on taking care of yourself and doing the things you love. Choose a new hairstyle, get a massage, renew your exercise routine.

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Whatever makes you happy and makes you feel like yourself, prioritize doing those things. While this may not directly affect you, it's the best thing you can do for yourself. And you can get a bonus from him by seeing how happy you are and feeling sorry for ghosting you.

Avoid getting close to him:

But I miss the guy who dressed me up!!?

As tempting as it may be to want to approach him and try to tune out or figure out why he decided to hide you, it's best to avoid this if you can.

Ultimately, whatever the reason he decided to ghost you, he didn't care about your feelings and getting closer to him isn't going to change that or make him feel guilty about ghosting you. Save yourself further pain or disappointment by avoiding getting close to him.

Just follow your life:

If a guy didn't even take the time to let you know that he wasn't interested in you anymore, but he took the easy way out and just stopped communicating, he's not someone you want in your life anyway. One of the best ways to make him regret ghosting you is to move on with your life.

You may need to block his number, remove him from social media, and avoid some of your old hangouts for a while. Whatever it takes for you to keep going, do it. This guy is not worth wasting any more time on.

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Give him the same treatment he gave you:

Maybe he cheated on you a few months ago and all of a sudden he went back to your DMs or started texting nonstop.

If the right path isn't the path you'd like to take, you can always treat him the same way he treated you. Keep answering for a while, and when he seems hooked again, fantasize him like he did you. This is certainly a colder way to make him regret cheating on you, but it's effective if you want to get revenge and make him wish he hadn't treated you badly.

Find another person you really connect with:

Instead of wasting time pining for someone who obviously didn't care about you, move on with your life and find someone you really connect with.

You might inadvertently make him regret ghosting you after moving on with someone else, but that doesn't have to be your reason to find a new guy. But meeting someone who really cares about you and makes you feel special will help you forget about the guy who cheated on you.

Embark on new adventures:

Try a fancy new restaurant, take a class that really interests you, go on a blind date with that guy your best friend insisted you would get along with.

Go ahead, live your life and forget about the guy who doesn't deserve to be a part of it. Bonus points if you share all your new activities on social media so he can see exactly how much fun you're having without him. Be fun, spontaneous and adventurous and show this guy what he lost by cutting ties with you. He'll regret the day he decided to kill you!

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Hang out with your friends:

If the two of you have spent more than two weeks together, you've probably met some of their friends and maybe even connected with some of them.

If you are friends with one of your friends, you can keep your mind fresh by continuing to hang out with them even after they stop communicating with you. They will certainly mention your name at some point and will likely wonder how you are doing. There's a good chance that while you're on his mind, he'll start to regret his decision to ghost you.

Change your routine:

If you used to hang out in the same circles, visit the same places, and spend time with the same people, then it's time to change things up. This doesn't have to be with the intention of hurting you, but rather with the intention that you can move on.

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It never hurts to try something new and finding a new routine for a while so you don't have to worry about finding it is a good way to help you get over the guy who killed you. And whether or not he ends up regretting the way he treated you, you will have lived through happier times.

Act like you don't care that I cheated on you:

The absolute best way to make a guy regret ghosting you is to not care what he did. Even if you still feel a little hurt by his decision to cut ties, fake it 'til you make it.

Eventually, you won't feel the pain of his rejection, and in the meantime, you'll pretend it doesn't bother you one bit. He may or may not notice your apparent indifference. Either way, you'll be well on your way to moving on with your life and avoiding future heartbreak from someone who didn't deserve you in the first place.

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Tell him how you feel:

One bold move, and he might not even mind hurting you. But if you're comfortable with that, let him know he hurt your feelings by fantasizing about you.

You can take the high road here and avoid being rude in your communication, but let him know that the way he treated you was hurtful and that you wanted him to let him know that you were no longer interested. If he has even some compassion, chances are he regrets choosing to end things with you this way.

Do not give any reaction:

Maybe he fantasized about you a few weeks ago, and all of a sudden he's back, texting you, liking your posts on Insta, and messaging you on FB.

How do you make him regret ghosting you in this case? Don't give him any kind of reaction. Often, the best reaction is not to react. By the time he comes back, you may have lost interest anyway. It is possible that he is looking for a reaction when communicating with you, so the best thing you can do to make him regret cheating on you is not to react.

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Try a new hobby or set a new goal:

Have you been thinking about trying a new training class lately? Maybe you've considered taking an online course or possibly even starting a new side hustle?

By link. Get over your ghost by focusing on something you really want to do. Take time out for yourself, do a little soul-searching, and spend time looking for a new hobby that you enjoy. Not only will he end up regretting cheating on you, but you will no longer care that he cheated on you in the first place.

Try to avoid drama altogether:

It can be tempting to contact him, post things on social media to make him wonder what you're up to, and even try to make him jealous.

Maybe he would mind if you did those things, or maybe he wouldn't. What you can be sure of is that if you choose to avoid drama altogether, you will ensure that you will care less that you were cheated on. And when he realizes you're not worried about ghosting him, you can bet he's going to regret ghosting him.

How to Make a Guy Regret Ghosting You: Start Dating Other Guys:

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Start dating other guys.

This one might not be exactly going the right way, but if you're okay with being a little petty for a while, dating new guys is a sure way to make a guy regret cheating on you.

Start dating again and go ahead and make apparent the fact that you are single and ready to mingle on social media. However, be careful with this one. You don't want to hurt a new guy while trying to make him jealous, so make sure the guys you're dating are also okay with things being casual.

make him jealous:

This one might also put you on the mid-range spectrum, but if you're okay with being a little naughty, it might make him jealous. This could be with a new guy or being a little social media savvy.

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Get dressed up and head out to dinner, capturing the night in your story. Share deliberately vague posts that indicate you're on a date. He'll be left wondering who you've been seeing and exactly who's been drinking and dining with you, regretting it's not you and the fact that he cheated on you.

Spend time with your family:

Spending time with those who love you is one way to help you get over the boy who bullied you. And the best way to make him regret ghosting you is to go ahead and be happy.

Take some time and spend it with your favorite family members. Enjoy brunch together, go on a family vacation, or take turns hosting a barbecue. Spending more time with loved ones can help ease the pain of rejection when someone is ignoring you and before you know it, you've completely forgotten about them.

Take a weekend trip… Or a longer vacation:

Again, one of the best ways to make a guy regret cheating on you can be to focus on yourself. Take a weekend getaway or take that vacation you've always dreamed of.

Self-care and self-love help ease the pain of someone you cared about cutting you out of their life. And finally, when you move on with your life, even if he never apologizes for hurting your feelings, he will regret cheating on you when he realizes how little it really affected him.

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Don't make yourself too available to him:

After he cheated on you, there is a chance that he will contact you again when he is bored. It can be tempting to respond right away.

If you can't avoid answering completely, at least don't make it a priority. Wait a day or two before responding, and keep your responses short and to the point.

If he couldn't have bothered enough to let you know he wasn't interested in you anymore before he fantasized about you, don't waste time giving him thoughtful responses now that he's trying to get back together.

How to Make a Guy Regret Calling You a Ghost (and Get Him Back!) (5)

Pretend you don't know him when he texts you again:

There's a good chance he will communicate with you even after ghosting you. And when he does, this is your chance to pretend it didn't bother you one bit that he stopped communicating with you.

Hit him with the "who's that?" when you receive your text. If you really want to go all-in, when he gives you his name, you can continue the game of pretending you don't know him. It will be a huge blow to his ego and you can be sure he will regret having you ghosted afterwards.

Pretend you don't remember when you first met him:

If the two of you go around in similar circles or hang out at the same local hangouts, there's a good chance you'll end up running into him at some point.

If it's been a few months since he got over you, you can make him regret it by pretending you don't know him when you meet. Acting like you don't remember him indicates he has had very little impact on you and will hurt his ego. He will regret the day he decided to ghost you.

Focus your time and energy on your career:

When you are putting energy into a relationship or potential relationship and suddenly find yourself on the receiving end of broken communication, it can be devastating.

Channel the time and effort you were putting into the relationship into your career. It gives you a place to focus your energy and can help you forget about the guy you were dating. Whether he truly regrets ghosting you or not, you won't worry anymore because you'll be happy and prosper in a successful career.

We “accidentally” bumped into him:

If you're not ready to get away from this guy yet and you want him to regret ghosting you, try accidentally bumping into him.

Stay dressed to the nines whenever you go out and spend time in places you know you visit often. Chances are, you'll eventually find him, and if you're looking your best, he'll likely regret ever deciding to cut ties with you.

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Accept an invitation to a place you know you'll be:

This is a little less excruciating than "accidentally" bumping into him. You didn't seek to be in the same place as him, you just didn't turn down the opportunity.

Do everything you can when you're ready to attend the event so that when you show up and he sees you, he'll regret the day he gave up his chance with you. Looking your best at the event will make him wonder why he decided to ghost you in the first place and put you in the position of being the one to turn him down this time.

Focus on reconnecting with friends:

Make some plans with your friends, have fun with your favorite people, and forget about the guy who cheated on you. You'll be able to enjoy time with the people who care about you, which is one of the best ways to forget about the pain you can feel from being a ghost.

You'll regain your confidence and it will be obvious to everyone around you that you've moved on. If he sees how much fun you are having with your friends and how unconcerned you are with his ghostly behavior, he will surely regret cheating on you.

Hang out with one of your friends:

This might be considered a cheap shot, but if you really want him to regret ghosting you, go out with one of his friends. Be careful here and make sure you really like the guy.

Otherwise you will hurt him the same way his friend hurt him. But if you actually find yourself interested in one of the ghost guy's friends, then go out with him. You might even end up having more fun with your new guy than your ghost guy. And you can bet his friend will break the news that you two are dating.

How to Make a Guy Regret Calling You a Ghost (and Get Him Back!) (6)

Show some serious confidence:

How to make a guy regret ghosting you? Show some confidence!

Let that confidence shine through! Even if you don't feel exceptionally safe right now, especially if you feel the pain of being rejected by ghosts. But fake it 'til you make it if you have to, and remember the party you really are.

Your confidence will be evident in everything you do and the next time you meet the ghost boy he will be amazed at how unaffected you were by his childish way of breaking up with you. And he's sure to feel a twinge of regret for ghosting you.


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