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How to Troubleshoot Ceiling Fan Wiring (1)

How do I troubleshoot a wiring issue with my ceiling fan and switches? How to identify ceiling fan and light switch wiring problems, troubleshoot and repair ceiling fan and switch wiring.

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Problems with ceiling fan and switch wiring
Electrical question:How do I troubleshoot my ceiling fan and change the wiring?

I have a ceiling fan with a light controlled by a two switch outlet.

  • This allowed me to separate the light and fan to dim the light and control the fan speed.
  • When I installed the new fan, black to black, white to white, and blue to black or white, no function turns on.
  • This prompted me to disconnect the switch and check the connections.
  • The switch had previously been replaced with a standard non-dim 2 switch with some effort.
  • When I did this, the electrical outlets in the room stopped working, the fan and light didn't work either.
  • I completely unplugged the breaker and reapplied power to the outlets.
  • My switch has a black (hot), red (fan neutral), and yellow (light neutral) wire.
  • I have 1 hot black wire on the switch (house) and a house neutral.
  • I have a black and white outlet and a black and white fan, but I can't get them to work properly with the switch.
  • Without toggling, I managed to get the fan and light working, so it's not a bad fan (my initial thought on the issue).

Any hints what I can do next?

Background: Jeff, a handyman from Daphne, Alabama.

Additional Comments: Great site for simple to complex wiring problems!

Dave's answer:
Thanks for your electrical question Jeff.

How to identify ceiling fan and light switch wiring

Application: ceiling fan electrical wiring.
Difficulty Level: Intermediate to Advanced. This electrical project is best installed by a licensed electrician.
Tools needed: Basic electrician's hand tools, a non-aluminum ladder, and a voltage tester.
Estimated Time: Depends on personal experience, ability to work with tools and access to switched output wiring and proposed ceiling fan location.
Caution: Identify the switched output circuit, turn it off, and tag it with a notice before working on the wiring.
Note: Installation of additional electrical wiring for a ceiling fan must be authorized and verified in accordance with local and national electrical codes.

Ceiling fan and light switch wiring configuration

  • Identify the power source, usually black for power, white for neutral and ground.
  • We know that we need the power and that the power is connected to a switch through another wire.
  • In conventional shifting, the "neutral" is not used in the shifting process, however "the white wire" is often used and should be identified with black tape or markers.
  • Neutrals are shared for the ceiling fan motor and ceiling fan light.
  • All ground wires are tied together and connected to the switches and ceiling fan.

The change becomes apparent when you focus on where the energy is coming from and the path it is taking to bring about the change.

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circuit diagram
Light Switch Wiring Diagrams Fully Explained.
Detailed electrical schematics and pictures help with your home electrical projects.

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Tester for solving electrical problems

Troubleshooting electrical wiring
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How to use electrical testers?

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Contact your local building authority for permits and inspections for all electrical installation projects.

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How to Troubleshoot Ceiling Fan Wiring (6)

(Video) Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting and Repair, Not Spinning or Spinning Slowly

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How to Troubleshoot Ceiling Fan Wiring (7)

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The socket tester
This is the first tool I use to troubleshoot the output circuit wiring. Most inspectors also use this popular tester to test power supplies and verify circuit wiring polarity.
Detects likely improper wiring conditions in standard 110-125 VAC outlets. It provides 6 probable wiring conditions that are quick and easy to read for maximum efficiency. Lights show correct wiring and a table of indicator lights is included. Convenient and easy to use.

How to Troubleshoot Ceiling Fan Wiring (8)

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My all time favorite wire stripper, having kept in my personal power tool bag for years, and this is the tool I use to safely strip electrical wire.
This handy tool has multiple uses:
Wire gauges are listed on the side of the tool so you know which groove to use for stripping.
The end of the tool can be used to crimp and bend wires, which is useful when connecting wires to the screw terminals of switches and outlets.

The wire stripper works with both solid and stranded wire. This tool is very handy and easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently asked questions and feedback

8 Responses to “Troubleshooting Ceiling Fan Wiring”

  1. Dottie is happy Dice:

    July 1, 2012 at 7:30 p.m

    You're having trouble installing a new ceiling fan. When attempting to swap out a ceiling fan in a room, the new fan trips the breaker. The old fan had white, black, blue and green wires and also has a new fan. Before I removed the old fan I pulled out the wires and stripped the old wires from the fan making sure I knew where each wire went. Assemble the new fan, then assemble the wiring, turn on the power, then turn on the light and immediately trip the breaker. Check the wires to make sure white to white, black/blue to black and green to green were in place so pulled them apart and reconnected, tripped again, flipped wires just in case the breaker tripped, removed the fan, put the old fan on, worked fine, put the new fan back on, stumbled again, took it back to the store, got a new fan, put a new fan on Same problem again and again, one new light fitted, it worked fine, got the second fan back, got a completely different brand of fan and still the breaker trips. I don't understand what could be the problem, could you please give me an idea?

  2. David Rongey Dice:

    (Video) Orbit fan connection how identify common, Line capacitor, starting capacitor JM TUTORIAL

    Jul 2, 2012 @ 1:48pm

    Hello channels,
    This question has been posted.
    I think you may have a pinched wire when mounting the fan assembly.
    Make sure the cables are clean and not pinched or damaged.

  3. Wayne Dice:

    Jun 17, 2014 @ 12:27pm

    I just bought a new house and decided to install the ceiling fans myself. The instructions guided me well enough to get the fan working, but the lamp isn't working. I followed the instructions connecting the blue and black wires from the fan to the black wire and white to white and green to ground. I was left with a red wire from home. How do I make the light work? Do I have to connect the red wire to the blue wire from the fan? Thank you very much!

  4. David Rongey Dice:

    Jun 17, 2014 @ 12:44pm

    Hello Wayne,
    The presence of a red wire in the ceiling fan box usually indicates that there is a dedicated wall switch for the ceiling fan light, so in this case the blue wire from the ceiling fan should be connected to the red wire.
    Also, don't overlook the pull chain switches on the ceiling fan, which also control fan speed and light. These pull chain switches are the primary controls for the ceiling fan functions.
    I hope it helps,

  5. william pierson Dice:

    Jul 22, 2015 @ 2:24pm

    (Video) How to FIX a REALLY BAD Ceiling Fan Installation

    I'm trying to hook up a new ceiling fan with light to an old light fixture. The new fan has black, blue, white and green. The old set has white on grey, white on black, white on white, and blue and green.

  6. David Rongey Dice:

    Jul 24, 2015 @ 2:22pm

    Hello William,
    From your description, the old device does not have typical wiring, so more information would be needed. Old lamp wiring can be checked with a voltage tester or multimeter.

  7. Tomás Dice:

    October 28, 2015 at 8:15 p.m

    I am replacing an existing ceiling light with a new ceiling fan and light. The overhead light is controlled by a wall switch that has a black and white wire. The ceiling box has 2 black wires and 2 white wires plus the ground wire. I connected the black and blue wires from the fan to the 2 black wires from the light with a wire nut. I then connected the white wire from the fan to 2 white wires from the bracket. The fan and light work but are not affected by the wall switch so no on or off control, although the same switch operated the old overhead light. In other words, the fan runs continuously. Any idea what I'm missing?

  8. David Rongey Dice:

    Feb 24, 2016 @ 2:37pm

    Hello Tom,
    From what you have described, one of the pairs of wires in the ceiling box is the power supply and the other is used for the wall switch.
    A voltage tester can be used to determine which of the two wire pairs is the circuit. The white wire of the switch needs to be colored with black electrical tape and then connected to the power wire of the circuit. The remaining black and white wire connects to the ceiling fan wires.

    (Video) Ceiling Fan VOLTAGE TEST!

    Be sure to turn off the circuit breaker for that circuit before making any wire connections and of course consult a local licensed electrician for best results.
    Be sure,


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