Product Marketing Director (2023)

Muck Rack is the leading SaaS platform for communications and public relations professionals. Our mission is to enable organizations to build trust, tell their stories and demonstrate the unique value of earned media. Muck Rack's public relations management (PRM) platform enables PR teams to collaborate to find the right journalists for their stories, submit personalized pitches, build meaningful media relationships, monitor news stories and quantify their impact.

Founder-controlled, fully distributed and sustainably growing, Muck Rack has received multiple awards for its unparalleled culture and product from organizations including Inc., G2 and BuiltIn. We value resilience, transparency, personal responsibility and customer loyalty and we infuse these values ​​into everything we do.

We are looking for someone with experienceProduct Marketing ManagerTo create value and accelerate Muck Rack revenue growth. They position, package, and communicate our product across segments, personas, and use cases to maximize customer awareness, adoption, revenue, and enjoyment. You will work across product, sales and leadership teams to ensure our product is positioned and sold effectively and internal teams have the insights they need to make effective decisions.

Reporting to the Vice President of Marketing, you will have the opportunity to significantly influence the business in the short and long term and oversee programs across the entire product marketing landscape, including market and competitive research, positioning and messaging, materials sales promotion and pricing and packaging. and release new features.

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What will you do:

  • Guide how Muck Rack communicates with customers throughout their journey. Create, validate, refine, and evangelize product positioning and messaging, and personalize value propositions by segment, industry, persona, use case, geography, and other vectors.
  • Generating market and competitive intelligence to help our product team create high-quality, differentiated products, keep our sales teams informed and winning, and inform our company's future vision and strategy.
  • Help our team better understand our target market through industry research, how our customers make purchasing decisions, and how we can differentiate ourselves and beat our competition. Create a deep understanding of the customer, document it, and then feed it into the minds, plans, and execution of every team in the organization.
  • Support smooth and effective product launches that drive results. Work with product, customer success, sales, and marketing teams to help execute a product launch process that includes research, testing, content creation, training, and measurement.
  • Develop compelling, easy-to-understand external content (sales collateral, case studies, FAQs, positioning and talking points, etc.) and internal positioning and support for sales and customer success teams (such as positioning guides and messaging , FAQs, Battle Cards, and more)
  • Work with the Finance, Sales, Sales and Product teams to refine our pricing and packaging strategy to enable the Product and Sales teams to develop and sell products that create value and accelerate Muck Rack sales growth.
  • Support sales and customer success teams with internal coaching/training

If the following details describe you, you could be an excellent fit for this position:

  • Total of 8+ years of experience, 5+ years of experience in B2B SaaS product marketing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills to articulate and communicate customer issues and product story.
  • Effective for engaging with a variety of audiences, including executives and large sales teams. He builds relationships and is good at coordinating team members of all seniority levels and getting them to complete actions against a common goal.
  • Witness the transformation of concepts, features and capabilities into key messages and compelling narratives.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to manage cross-functional work with colleagues and cross-functional teams.
  • Advanced project management skills to prioritize and manage fast-moving initiatives involving multiple stakeholders
  • Effective work experience in marketing, sales, CS, and product organizations.
  • He has excellent interpersonal and presentation skills and can present in front of audiences of all levels and sizes - the entire organization down to the executive team.
  • Learn how to lead complex, cross-functional initiatives to completion and on time.

Interview Overview

Below is an overview of the interview schedule for our position as Director of Product Marketing. Note that we expect the process to look like this; We may ask you for additional information or require an additional step before making a final decision.

  • 30 minute interview with a member of our talent team.
  • A 1 hour zoom interview with the hiring manager
  • Final discussion with various members of our team.

Start date

Based on the interview schedule above, we expect this process to take approximately 2.5-4 weeks. This may depend on the availability of candidates and our recruiting team.

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Starting salary for this position ranges from $147,000 to $173,000, depending on skills and experience. We take a geoneutral approach to compensation within the US, which means we pay by role and job level, not by location. For all other countries we have competitive salary ranges based on market standards.

Why manure rack?

remote work, forever.We are a fully distributed team and are committed to staying that way.forever. We offer employees full home office facilities, phone and internet reimbursement, and a monthly coworking membership. We build culture through virtual and in-person team bonding opportunities including team lunches, friendly competitions, and celebratory events!

Transparent remuneration.We offer competitive geoneutral compensation in the US and review compensation at least annually to ensure internal fairness and external market alignment. Depending on the role, we offer a standardized bonus program or an achievable commission structure and the opportunity to earn capital in the company. All employees are eligible for our 401(k) plan* with employer contributions.

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Health*.Muck Rack offers comprehensive health, dental, vision and disability insurance for employees and their families. We offer two plans with 100% premium coverage for individuals and 85% premium coverage for dependents, as well as a number of other plans. Our team also has access to OneMedical, 24/7 virtual care, an employee assistance program, and FSA and HSA options. Team members have access to a quarterly wellness stipend and a free subscription to Headspace.

PTO and family benefits.Our team enjoys 4+ weeks of out-of-network PTO, plus paid mental health/sick leave, summer Fridays, and 13 paid holidays. To counteract zoom fatigue and allow intensive work without interruptions, we have introduced "no internal meetings on Fridays" throughout the year. We also provide up to 16 weeks of fully paid parental leave.

Personal and professional development.We nurture talent by creating internal breakthroughs and paths of advancement. Muck Rack conducts semi-annual performance reviews, hosts workshops for the entire team, and offers management and leadership training opportunities. We also offer unlimited subscriptions to L&D platforms, including Coursera and O'Reilly, plus an additional 2 days of PTO for learning and development.

culture of inclusion.We know that different perspectives drive innovation and help us better serve our customers. We are committed to ensuring that employees feel their identity is valued and that people of all backgrounds and viewpoints are treated equally.

The customer first.Founder-driven means we have the freedom to be agile, highly collaborative, and innovative, creating forward-thinking products that empower 3,000+ companies around the world to build trust, tell their stories, and demonstrate the unique value of earned media. .

*These benefits are specific to employees in the US In some, but not all cases, we may be able to provide equivalent benefits to employees located outside of the United States.

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If you're excited about a position with Muck Rack but your experience doesn't perfectly match the requirements of the position described here, don't let this discourage you from applying. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we want to hear from you. You could be a perfect fit for this role or another role on our team. We deliberately encourage people from a variety of backgrounds, including race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability status, to apply for positions. We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to a fair and consistent application process and candidate experience.

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