Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (2023)

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If you own a property that is between 25 and 30 years old, you may be at risk: the effects of faulty or frayed wiring can be potentially devastating.

Even if your property is undergoing renovation, it is important that you know if rewiring is necessary to reduce any potential risk or hazard from faulty wiring. Faulty wiring and appliances can also lead to injuries such as electrocution and potential fire hazards, underscoring the importance of properly maintaining and rewiring a property.

Read on to learn more about how to rewire your property quickly and efficiently with our expert electricians.

Does my house need to be rewired?

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (1)

There are a number of factors that come to mind when a property needs to be rewired.

As mentioned above, a 30 year old property with its original wiring will probably need to be rewired, not only for safety reasons but also to meet modern standards.

If you're interested in buying an older property, a thorough pre-purchase check should be done by a licensed electrician to make sure the wiring is safe.

The recommendation for an inspection is every 10 years for owned property and every five years for rental property; If you are expanding or remodeling any part of your home, all new and updated wiring

must comply with the latest building codes to ensure safety and security.

In addition to improving home security, rewiring also offers the opportunity to improve your quality of life. For example, more switches and outlets can be installed with new wiring, which can increase the number of devices in a home, including televisions, radios, and home computers.

There are several warning signs if you're not sure if your property needs rewiring: Tripping circuit breakers regularly is an important sign, as it can cause current surges, meaning appliances are drawing too much power from the socket. . Also, flickering or dim lights indicate a wiring fault, including broken or exposed wires.

If you spot any of these warning signs, contact our expert electricians for the best experience rewiring your property.

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Cost to rewire a house in the UK in 2021

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (2)

One of the most common questions customers ask is "how much does it cost to rewire a property?"

The cost depends on a number of factors that you need to take into account.

For example, if your property is larger, e.g. For example, a 4 or 5 bedroom house, the average cost is between £3,500 and £6,500.

As a property grows in size, so does the cost and time required to rewire the entire property: a 1-bedroom house will take an average of 4-7 days, while a 3-bedroom house will require 6 to 10 days to rewire.

Also, it's important that you plan this carefully, as electricians often work faster in an empty and quiet environment, which means you need to be prepared for anything. Also, your location in the UK can affect the total cost due to regional differences in contractor costs. Scroll down to learn more about wiring costs and the average time to rewire a property.

kind of property



2 bedroom house

5-8 tomas

Between £2,400 and £3,500

3 bedroom house

6-10 tomas

Between £3,000 and £4,500

4 bedroom house

10-15 tomas

Between £3,750 and £5,500

Please note: Costs and times are estimates based on the completion of previous projects and may vary depending on the complexity of the work required and the age of the property.

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What is included in a complete house rewiring?

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (3)

As a customer, one of the most important things to understand about rewiring is what goes into a total home rewire as plugs and cords are changed as well as wires.

Wiring an entire house consists of two processes: The first process is usually completed before the walls are plastered and should ideally be done without furniture or carpeting. So if you are moving to a new property, we recommend that you rewire the property before adding furniture to avoid future problems.

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In general, this process is called "First Solution"; The actual wiring is installed, as well as the back boxes for all the sockets and switches on your property.

For safety reasons this should only be done by a licensed electrician. The second process is called "Second Fix" and consists mainly of connecting the electrical system by assembling switches, sockets and lights. In addition, a consumer must be connected, about which you can read more in our "Fuse box replacement service" page. During a complete home rewiring, all existing wiring must be removed and replaced with new wiring to ensure safety and reduce risk. All outlets are also repaired, including heat detectors, power connections, stove and lights.

Rewire a house yourself

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (4)

While it is possible to do the work yourself, we strongly recommend that you hire a qualified, licensed electrician to rewire your property, as an electrician will need to verify this in all circumstances.

Rewiring a property is not for beginners and can have serious consequences if not done correctly, including fire and electrical shock.

This could not only endanger lives, but insurance companies might not pay in the event of a fire because the wiring was poorly and incorrectly done by a layman.

Reconnecting your property is not illegal, but it is regulated by law

“Part P” of the Construction Regulations; The City Council must also verify that it has correctly carried out the work that must be carried out at various points of the facility. They will charge you for this service, stressing that it is best to have your property rewired by a qualified electrician to ensure safety.

You can visit the Official Organization of Electrical Safety Experts in the UK website for more wiring

or download itFree Rewiring Guideby the National Board of Inspectors of Electrical Contracts

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frequent questions

How long is the wiring in a house?

Does rewiring a house make a mess?

Do I have to rewire my house to sell it?

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Does wiring a house save energy?

Does reconnecting a house add value?

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  • 24 hour emergency calls
  • Testing of portable devices.
  • Electrical troubleshooting and periodic inspections
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Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (5)

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Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (6)

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (7)

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (8)

Rewiring the house explained - costs and tips (9)

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How much does it cost to rewire a 1500 sq ft house? ›

Cost to Rewire a House Per Square Foot
Square FeetAverage Cost
1,000$1,650 - $3,800
1,200$2,000 - $4,500
1,500$2,350 - $5,700
2,000$3,200 - $7,700
3 more rows
Jul 25, 2022

How much should it cost to rewire a house? ›

When including both labor and materials, it can cost from $2 to $4 per square foot for a rewiring project. For a 2,000-sq. -ft. home, that can run $4,000 to $8,000.

How much does it cost to rewire a 2500 square foot house? ›

You'll need a local professional electrician for a rewiring project, which will run about $50 to $100 per hour, not including materials. Including both labor and materials, the overall project will cost $2 to $4 per square foot.

How much does it cost to rewire a 1700 sq ft house? ›

How much does it cost to hire an electrician to rewire your home? On average, residential electrical wiring installation costs $2 to $4 per square foot, including labor and materials. Most homeowners pay $2.75 per square foot of home space.

Can you rewire a house without removing walls? ›

As most homeowners are concerned with the disruptiveness of the process, a question electricians get a lot is “can a house be rewired without removing drywall?”. The answer is usually yes, and even a whole house rewiring can in some cases be done with minimum disruption.

Does a 1950s house need rewiring? ›

If a property is more than 30 years old and has the original wiring, it is likely to need updating, at least in part, to meet modern standards, including replacing the fuse box with a modern consumer unit. A sign a rewire is necessary, is dated rubber, fabric or lead-insulated cabling.

How much does it cost to wire a 2000 sq ft new house? ›

Wiring a full house costs $3 to $5 per square foot. A small, 800-square-foot home will run about $2,400 to $4,000. An expansive 3,000-square-foot property would cost $9,000 to $15,000.

What's involved in rewiring a house? ›

Rewiring a house – everything you need to know and consider

Replacing back boxes on switches and sockets. Running new electrical cables throughout the house. Changing the wiring on lighting and power circuits. Rewiring any telephone sockets.

How long does it take to rewire a 3 bedroom house? ›

For an average house (3-4 bedrooms) a full rewire will on average take up to 7 days to complete. However, the time it takes to rewire a house depends on the size of your property and how many new components you are having installed.

How much does it cost to rewire a breaker box? ›

Rewiring. Electrical panel rewiring can cost from $500 to $4,500, including labor and materials. Replacing just a few circuits will cost less than if the entire house needs to be rewired.

How do you calculate electrical labor cost? ›

Multiply the per hour labor rate by the estimated labor hours to calculate the true labor costs. To estimate the shop average rate, divide the labor cost by the labor hours for the past twelve months. If you do not have past labor experience to go with, use the job average method to determine labor costs.

How many years should a house be rewired? ›

A house rewire should last 20 or more years, sometimes as long as 40 years, but eventually the insulation on the cables will begin to breakdown and you will need a house rewire. You can have your wiring checked by an electrician.

Does homeowners insurance cover electrical rewiring? ›

Residential electrical wiring is usually covered under homeowners insurance policies for included electrical repairs and related damage. However, older homes with outdated types of wiring like knob and tube or aluminum wiring are likely to be more difficult to get coverage and cost more to insure.

How much should I charge per square foot to wire a house? ›

Electrician Cost by Home Size

Wiring for new construction is easier than rewiring existing homes because there's less to work around. New wiring costs $3–$5 per square foot on average while rewiring costs $6–$10 per square foot.

How do electricians rewire a house? ›

Rewiring is typically done by a licensed electrician who strips out the old wiring and runs new wiring throughout the entire house, installs a new circuit breaker panel to handle the load of the new wiring system, and ensures that building codes are met.

Can I live in my house while it's being rewired? ›

Can You Live In A House While It's Being Rewired? The short answer is YES. Of course, if you have just bought a house and the electrical survey noted that the property needs rewiring, then the best course of action would be not to move in until the rewiring is finished.

Is rewiring a house a messy job? ›

Each property is different and some may not require the electricians to make as much mess, but the majority of electrical rewires require the walls to be cut, chased and chiselled. This can result in a lot of dust, mess and re-plastering works.

What to do before rewiring a house? ›

If you're thinking about rewiring your home, read these top tips before you start.
  1. Approach the work with care. ...
  2. Understand when rewiring is needed. ...
  3. Plan carefully before work starts. ...
  4. Avoid additions mid-way through. ...
  5. Think about futureproofing. ...
  6. Move out if possible. ...
  7. Understand how electricians work.
May 17, 2021

What is considered outdated wiring? ›

Old House Wiring Types

Homes more than 30 years old can have obsolete wiring systems or deteriorated wires that need to be replaced.

Can you sell a house that needs rewiring? ›

So, in short, the answer is yes you can, but you will have to expect it may be harder to find a buyer and once you do, they will more than likely submit a low offer or reduce their offer once they realise the house needs rewiring.

How do electricians check wiring? ›

The Electrical Meter

One of the first things electricians do to check wiring and the electrical system in your home is take a look at your electrical meter and check for defects. After checking if the meter is properly installed, they'll look for signs of wear and tear.

How much to install a ceiling light fixture without existing wiring? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ceiling Light?
  1. Average installation cost: $85.
  2. Installation with existing wiring: $30-$100.
  3. Installation without existing wiring: $85-$220+
  4. Average materials cost: $240.
Sep 29, 2021

How much does it cost to drywall per square foot? ›

How Much Does It Cost to Install Drywall per Square Foot? The average cost to install drywall, including the finishing, taping, labor costs, and materials, is between $1.50 to $3 per square foot. This cost works out to around $60 to $90 per drywall panel.

Does rewiring a house add value? ›

Does rewiring a house add value? Updated electrical wiring improves the value of your property, as functional modern wiring is essential for any new homeowner. By having your property properly rewired, the value will increase.

Does my 1960s house need rewiring? ›

Unless the wiring is the modern PVCu coated type, then a rewire is likely to be necessary. If you see any old rubber insulated cabling, fabric insulated cabling (used until the 1960s), or lead insulated cabling (1950's) then it needs replacing as the insulation just crumble.

How can you tell if a house needs rewiring? ›

Here are some of the warning signs...
  1. Persistent burning smell. If you haven't burned your dinner and there's a burning smell that won't go away, your house may need rewiring. ...
  2. Scorched or discoloured sockets or switches. ...
  3. Fuses blow repeatedly. ...
  4. Flickering or dimming lights. ...
  5. Electric shocks. ...
  6. Hanging sockets. ...
  7. An old house.
Jun 26, 2019

Can you rewire one room at a time? ›

Can You Rewire a House One Room at a Time? You can absolutely carry out a rewire in a house one room at a time. However, the implications in terms of additional time, mess, and expense may mean that biting the bullet and getting the whole house done in one go is the better option.

Why would a house need a full rewire? ›

The main reason for rewiring a house is due to out of date or faulty wiring. Faulty wiring can be very dangerous, causing 12,500 fires and 750 serious accidents in the home each year. It is therefore essential that, if you spot a common fault, you get it tested and rewired by a qualified electrician.

Do circuit breakers get old and need to be replaced? ›

Breakers should be replaced on average every 25-30 years. Additionally, they can come by to take a look. If your circuit breaker is old but not too old, you can pay for their visit without having to pay around $2,500 for the replacement.

How to tell the difference between 100 amp and 200 amp service? ›

But how do you tell the difference between 100 amp and 200 amp service? A panel's total amperage is printed near or on the main circuit breaker, which controls all the circuits in the panel. Most breaker boxes are 100, 150, or 200 amps. Add the amperages of all the individual breakers in the box.

How much does it cost to replace fuse box with circuit breakers? ›

Replacing a fuse box with a circuit breaker box: This will cost approximately as much as installing a new electrical panel at $1,200–$4,500, depending on size. Replacing a circuit breaker switch or fuse: This is comparable to replacing a main breaker at $150–$250 per switch.

What do most electricians charge per hour? ›

According to HomeAdvisor, the average electrician hourly rate is between $50 and $100 per hour. And you may be faced with charges on top of this rate, like travel fees and other overhead costs, plus the cost of any materials necessary to complete the job.

How do you quote a residential electrical job? ›

To calculate the price of electrical work, you should multiply your hourly labor rate by the number of hours the job will take to complete. If any extra materials are required for the job, be sure to add that to the total cost.

How much does it cost to replace outlets and switches? ›

Expect to pay around $125 to $175 to replace or install a standard outlet. The national average can run anywhere from $100 to $500 per outlet depending on the complexity of the job.
How Much Does A New Outlet Installation Cost?
Average Outlet Installation Price
Lowest Cost$100 per outlet
2 more rows
Jul 25, 2022

Is it worth rewiring an old house? ›

Is It Worth It to Rewire a House? Although rewiring might seem cost-prohibitive when buying a single-family home, owners of older homes with outdated wiring systems may find that the cost to rewire a house can be money well spent. Replacing outdated wiring can help prevent a house fire and add value to the property.

Does homeowners insurance cover rewiring? ›

Residential electrical wiring is usually covered under homeowners insurance policies for included electrical repairs and related damage. However, older homes with outdated types of wiring like knob and tube or aluminum wiring are likely to be more difficult to get coverage and cost more to insure.

Why is rewiring a house so expensive? ›

The wiring has to run longer distances which requires more time increasing labour costs. Consumer Unit Access – if your wiring and consumer unit is located in a hard-to-reach please then the rewire cost will tend to be higher due to the awkwardness of the job.


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