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best cute storage boxes

If you're looking for a cute storage box to match your appealing pastel aesthetic, or even a minimalist storage box that would look great in any sleek, modern space, these storage boxes are a great choice!

If you want a cozy storage box without too much frills, these storage boxes are your best bet for inexpensive yet stylish storage boxes that allow you to express yourself. While most storage boxes only come in one variety, cute storage boxes come in varieties like plastic storage boxes or wooden storage boxes.

With these storage boxes available in many of your favorite cute colors and attractive styles, the fashion-forward among us will find something to love on this list.

BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar

HeBRNT Designs Malua Stash JarIt's a nice and simple storage box that will look beautiful in any closet or shelf in your home.

Available in a pretty, marble-like pastel pink alongside your standard grey, the Malua Stash Jar would look right next to any pink salt rock - or even on your patio!

With its understated design, the Malua Stash Jar is subtle enough to keep in a simple place without worrying about wandering eyes or people who tend to rummage through other people's things.

The Malua Stash Jar maintains BRNT's signature hexagonal shape to form a sleek, minimalist design that's as useful as it is functional.

The interior of the Malua Stash Jar features two compartments, making it easy to sort and store individual strains separately.

If you have a favorite variety, you can keep it in one compartment and your rolling papers in the other!

If you're looking for a cute, aesthetically pleasing, and inexpensive storage box, the Malua Stash Jar might be just what you're looking for.

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metal storage box elements

If you're looking for a cute storage box on a budget, this is it.metal storage box elementsit could be your next cannabis storage box.

The Elements Metal Storage Tin is the perfect pocket storage box for smokers on the go, featuring an attractive and colorful tin lid to help you express your sense of fashion.

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Elements Rolling Papers company makes these cute storage boxes and with their expertise in making fine smoking accessories, you can't go wrong.

Elements also makes a variety of other marijuana accessories, from rolling trays to bowls and papers, all of which you can store in this tin.

Of course, this storage box could also be used to store your stash!

The Elements Metal Storage Jar may not have most of the features available, but it is a tried and true design with a nice appearance at a low price. You can't go wrong with this storage box!

Juicy Jay Small Jar

If you're the type of person who keeps everything from condiments to napkins in mason jars or some other glass anteroom, then this is it.Juicy Jay Small Jarcan match your aesthetic!

Customers know Juicy Jay for their rolling trays and many flavors of rolling papers available, but they also make these cute airtight jars that can make the perfect storage box!

Juicy Jay makes these three-inch glass jars, so they're not ideal for anyone who needs to hide their storage box or someone looking for a storage box with a locking tab.

However, the Juicy Jay Small Jar is a good storage box for those who are loud and proud. This ship is notaeither strong; It is airtight making it a smell proof storage box.

What the little Juicy Jay tumbler prefers to its larger cousin is style; While both use their cute purple seals, the little jar has a retro logo printed on the lid!

This logo print is a cute addition that can bring any room back to the 90's, but would also look great under any poster.

If you're looking for a stylish storage box for a rustic-yet-chic home, the Juicy Jay Small Jar is a great choice!

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Staze Vacuum Seal Jar

HeStaze Vacuum Seal JarIt's probably the sturdiest and most useful storage box on this list, but that doesn't make it any less cute!

The Staze Vacuum Seal Jar is available in three pastel colors; blue, purple and green. This jar is similar in construction to a bottle or a flashlight, making it perfect for taking your cannabis plants with you wherever you go.

However, this storage box doesn't just look cute. Its name refers to the hand pump that manufacturers have incorporated into the lid that forms a vacuum seal on its storage box!

This pump sucks all the air out of the jar, sealing its stash and extending its life by reducing contact with outside elements like air. This will help prevent mold growth in your hide.

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The pump on this jar is easy to use, requiring only that you push and pull the lid closed on the jar.

Once the bottle has formed a vacuum seal, you will hear a click indicating that you no longer need to pump.

However, the bomb isn't the only trick in the cover; The lid features an activated carbon filter that will neutralize any odor emanating from your stash.

This storage box not only helps extend the life of your herb, but the vacuum seal makes this jar smell proof!

If you smoke on the go, the Staze Vacuum Seal Jar might be your best bet!

Best Cool Storage Boxes

Maybe cute isn't your thing, and that's okay! Sometimes you need something cool that suits your style.

If you're more of the salt of the earth type, you don't want anything flashy, but you do want something that still talks! Luckily, we only have the storage boxes for you.

If you want the best storage boxes, you may have hit the jackpot. These storage boxes can brighten up any unassuming space while keeping your stash safe!

BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar

If this jar looks familiar, you've stumbled upon something: BRNT Designs' Malua Stash Jar has also been rated 'cute!'

However, if you opt for the black, granite-like color instead of the pink, mottled, salt-stone-like ones, you'll find the Malua Stash Jar to be just as cool as its cute counterpart is.

If you are looking for a stylish yet cool storage box made from quality materials, then the Malua Stash Jar is a great choice. Its black color fits even better in minimalist environments; After all, black goes with everything!

The black option offers the same features as the pink, including a divided chamber, a wooden lid, and an airtight seal.

While not a great storage box, the Malua Stash Jar is a great weed storage box for anyone who wants to keep their stash safe and organized.

The Scout Smell Proof Hard Case

If the size of your storage box isn't an issue, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cooler storage box than this.Scout Smell Proof Hard Case.

This glass-reinforced hard case is a breakthrough in smell proof technology, making the Smell Proof Hard Case an excellent smell proof option.

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Available in black and green, the Smell Proof Hard Case looks almost like a gun case, with a foam insert, folding handle, and dual locking system to give you maximum control and protect your stash from those with sticky fingers.

Various sizes are available, from 8.5 inches to 17, and the Scout Smell Proof Hard Case is also waterproof and shock resistant.

If you want the coolest storage case on the market, along with remarkable durability and functionality, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than the Scout Smell Proof Hard Case!

Raw Black Metal Storage Tin

If the Elements metal storage jar is a bit too colorful for you, you can use itRaw Black Metal Storage Tinit's a great alternative.

This storage box is made from pewter and features a stylish vintage-style logo with thread label on a black background, giving this tin an edgy military look.

You can keep anything you like in this storage box, from Altoids to your favorite part of a cannabis plant.

While it may not be the most odor proof option, the Raw Black Metal Storage Tin is a perfect pocket option for anyone looking for a cool storage box on the go.

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GRAV Patronenkoofferta

If you are the type of person who prefers to vape, these areGRAV Patronenkooffertamaybe it's right for you.

With a sleek gray look and portable size, the Cartridge Case is the perfect choice for storing up to seven cartridges. Also includes a mesh net for storing smaller weed accessories!

Plus, the cartridge case is durable enough for everyday storage and convenient enough to use when you travel.

If you are a vaper on the go, the GRAV cartridge case might be the best storage case for you.

The best high-end storage boxes

Maybe you are a lover of fine things, ordinary storage boxes may not be enough. You just want a high-end storage box; Just a fancy storage box is enough!

Fortunately, this list has a lot of them; Whether you choose a storage box with a rolling tray or a magnetic lid, or just want a nice look, these cannabis storage boxes could be one of the best storage solutions for you.

The 11 Best Weed Stash Boxes [2022] | cannabox (5)

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HeRAW-Fallen-KitNot allowedverLike a high quality storage box, but when you open it you can see why this storage box is so luxurious.

The only storage box kit you'll ever need, the Trap Kit offers plenty of storage space along with premium odor-blocking technology spread across six layers of material.

The Trap Kit also features a unique strap design to keep all of your accessories secure. With adjustable dividers, this cannabis storage box is one of the most popular marijuana gadgets on the market today.

While it may not be big enough for your rolling tray, this weed storage box can really safely store all your weed accessories.

Cali Crusher Smell Proof Case, Large

HeCali Crusher Smell Proof Case, Largeit's a spacious but understated option and the definition of a 'luxury safe'.

In the world of quality storage boxes and cool accessories, this lockable storage box is available in green, black or white and is understated enough to pass for a small lunch box.

It also has an easy-to-grip silicone handle, making it our top pick for those who travel frequently!

However, neither delicacy nor odor neutralization is the selling point of this storage box; This one comes with a combination lock, which means only you can open this storage box!

The 11 Best Weed Stash Boxes [2022] | cannabox (6)

Raw Rolling Cone Smell Proof Travel Bag

Maybe you're traveling and need to bring a lot more gear than just your marijuana supplies, but that's really important too!

HeRaw Rolling Cone Smell Proof Travel Bagit may be your best bet. This storage box works like a real duffel bag and has five storage compartments for everything you need.

Also, this travel bag has a zippered pocket on the side; This bag is lined with odor resistant aluminum foil and silicone for the ultimate in portability of your stash! This turns this storage box into an odor proof container while also giving you the flexibility to transport larger items like a rolling tray.

Final Thoughts on a Weed Storage Box

If you are looking for the best storage boxes, you have finally found them!

Whether you want cute storage boxes, cool storage boxes, or high-end storage boxes with a combination lock and built-in weed accessories, you'll love these storage boxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Boxes

What is a storage box?

A storage box is a storage container for all your weed. Some storage boxes have all the features built in, like a removable rolling tray, lock box feature, and humidity control tab, while others are simply boxes meant to store your stash.

What should be stored in a weed stash box?

Most people choose to simply store their weed in a storage box. But some people use their storage boxes to transport other accessories, like a strainer container, weed grinder, stainless steel rolling tray, or a jar for any non-smokable rags.

What is a storage box combo?

A combo stashbox is a quality stashbox that offers a rolling tray as well as a place to store your weed. This combination allows you to roll your weed into joints on the go without the need for a table or other flat surface. These types of storage boxes are usually only available as solid wood storage boxes.


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