The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (2023)

The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (1)


The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (2)


ADT Security Services is a respected name in the home security market in the United States and Canada. It is also the largest provider in these areas.


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  • The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (3)


    The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (4)


    ADT Security Services is a respected name in the home security market in the United States and Canada. It is also the largest provider in these areas.

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Everything feels wireless these days. Once upon a time the only thing that was wireless was your cell phone service, but today many people see cable as something better left behind. But that is neither fair nor correct. There are many good reasons to choose a wired over wireless connection in some situations. Home security is one such case.

Installing a wired security system requires a little more expertise, but the result is better, more reliable service for your money. You can also get technology that is just as modern and groundbreaking as wireless home security. Here's what you should know about the best wired home security systems on the market today.

The best wired security system in 2023

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    The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (5)



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    General description:

    ADT is the name that many people think of when they think of home security. How long have these guys been around? Long enough for its original name to be the American District Telegraph. That was in 1874, of course. Today, the brand is known simply as ADT, and they keep things pretty simple: you get to pick oneADT packagethat fits your lifestyle without breaking your budget. AND,ADT offers professional monitoringat reasonable prices.

    The company markets itself as "America's #1 Home Security Provider." They offer both wireless and cable services, so let's take a look at some pros and cons of the latter.


    • Intuitive and easy to use application
    • 24/7 professional surveillance
    • Cell Backup
    • Over 145 years of history in the security business
    • Partnership with Google Home


    • Minimum subscription 1 year
    • No DIY installation
    • No self-control options
    • 1080p HD maximum resolution options


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    ADT offers 24/7 monitoring and fast response time. It has home automation and voice recognition. The biggest problem with ADT might be the fact that the company uses authorized retailers instead of corporate stores. That means you get a greater variety of customer service to see and experience.

    Although its sales tactic has sometimes been criticized for being too pushy, ADT stands out as one of the best among security companiesbest systems for seniors, as well as one of theThe best systems for homeowners.. Read our fullADT verificationfor more details on this classic safety sign.

    The Best Wired Home Security Systems of 2023 (6)


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Benefits of a wired home security system

A key benefit of wired home security devices is that you don't have to rely as heavily on a Wi-Fi connection. We always hope our WiFi doesn't go down, but that's not realistic for most of us. Wiring your system ensures that you don't lose access to your system if a Wi-Fi outage occurs. Learn more about wired systems in our comprehensivePurchase advice for security systems.

Also, with a wired system, it doesn't matter if sunlight or anything else might cause electrical interference. You're not running out of radio waves, so you're fine.

Concerned about hackers? Wireless systems are more difficult for attackers to hack. The idea of ​​someone hacking into your home security system might seem like a plot out of a B-movie thriller, but it can happen with wireless systems. To disrupt their wireless systems, someone would have to cut the wires. It's not impossible, but it does mean they have to get a lot closer to your house than someone just trying to hack your WiFi.

With wireless systems, you don't have to worry about constantly changing batteries. They have power cords and that's really all you need.

Homes with pre-wired security systems

You're ready to bid on your dream home when the real estate agent mentions otherwise: The sellers left a pre-wired security system. You didn't want to take it, so now it's up to you to decide what to do with it.

In terms of "stuff left by previous owners", a wired security system is much better (and less dangerous) than something like a garden trampoline. They also don't spend any money on the facility, which is a good thing.

What you do next depends heavily on the specifics of the system. You should be able to get information on how things work from the providers. If your wired system was installed 10 years ago, you may want to upgrade it if, for example, you want to pair your home security system with other connected devicessmart home automation. Such automation should be possible in most cases. However, call your home security company first to make sure you're not biting off more than you can chew.

Wired Home Security Features

The following are some general characteristics of wired home security systems:

door locks

If you want door locks, get a key. If you want smart locks, get ADT. You don't have to worry as much about losing your keys when you can easily open your doors with ADT's Pulse app. If you're monitoring your home cameras from your phone and see a friend bringing something over, you can use the app to unlock the doors.


ADT knows that operating a control panel shouldn't seem like a puzzle. Each control panel keypad features backlit fields and characters that are easy to distinguish, even in the dark. When you're not at home near your keyboard, you can just pull out your smartphone and control things from there. You can arm or disarm your system with the ADT Pulse app, and you can also control smart devices connected to your lights, door locks, and more.

Professional surveillance

If something happens in your home, you will not react alone. If a sensor or alarm is triggered, an ADT representative will contact you and send you the assistance you need, including fire or police. Professional monitoring does not only take place during business hours. After all, fire and burglars don't work 24/7, which is why ADT surveillance centers are open 24/7.

Pet-friendly motion detectors

These motion detectors will detect any suspicious activity and ignore the likes of your Pomeranian running around the living room with a toy. In fact, you can set it to ignore weights up to 50 pounds.

input sensors

If someone enters your home through a door or window, you will know. You can receive email or text notifications of expected arrivals, e.g. B. if your spouse gets home from work before you do. You will also be notified if an intruder manages to sneak in through a window or other entrance.

Professional Installation

Choosing the right security system is hard enough without having to worry about installing it yourself. With ADT you get a professional installation. You don't have to test it yourself and make sure it works; A trained technician will do it all for you. The technician will not leave your house until the security system works.

security cameras

If a home security system were represented by a pyramid, the surveillance cameras would act as the base. Without them there is nothing to support the other things. ADT wired surveillance cameras provide you with clear images both inside and outside your home.

The glass break sensor

In the movies (and often in real life) it seems like the bad guys always get in by breaking the glass first. But when they do that with your ADT system, the glass breakage sensors kick in and warn you. You don't need one of these on every window either, as a single sensor works within a range of up to 25 feet.

home automation

If you have smart devices, ADT can make your life even easier by integrating those devices with your ADT Pulse app. If you want to turn off the light or regulate the temperature, you can do that. You can also do things like open or close the garage door.

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