Wedding Website Copywriting Examples for Difficult Situations (2023)

A wedding website is one of the best ways tocommunicate with guestsand set expectations before your event. This also includes the ability to let guests know about sticky situations that might otherwise make in-person conversation awkward!

Whether you're hosting a kid-free party, have a specific dress code, or prefer cash over gifts on the day, a wedding website is a great platform to get the message across to your guests and ensure everyone is on the same page. .

But how do you gently set those expectations and guidelines without looking like a total Bridezilla?

We know how difficult it can be to find the right wording to handle these more complicated situations. Fortunately, wedding websites arewhat we do bestThat's why we've compiled some helpful writing tips and examples to get you started.

From gift registration information to rules about children and guests, read some of our top wedding website copyright examples to combat these tricky scenarios.

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Marriage Website Record Recording Examples

Giving gifts can definitely seem like an awkward topic to discuss with guests before your big day. But honestly, choosing the perfect gift can be a time-consuming task, and your guests will really appreciate a subtle nudge in the right direction!

When it comes to the wording you use to convey your gift or registration information, it's important to be courteous, considerate, and appreciative. This rule applies if you opted for an online registration, an old wish or even if you prefer not to receive any gifts.

You should also make sure your words emphasize that the gifts are not expected or required at all. You are simply giving your guests a choice if they want it.

The following word examples are a great guide for approaching the subject of gifting:

If you created an online record...

“Your presence at our wedding is the best gift ever. However, for those who have expressed an interest, we have applied online at (insert wedding list link)”

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“We are already blessed with pretty much everything we need to start this new chapter together. However, if you would like to celebrate our union with a gift, we have applied online at (insert marriage registry link) for the items we have found most useful.

“Your companionship, love and laughter on our wedding day is the only gift we require. However, after friends and family asked us for gift suggestions, we registered online at (insert marriage registration link) for your convenience.”

If you organized a wishing well in the past...

“We are lucky to have everything we need for our home, and your presence at our wedding is gift enough! However, if you would like to treat us to something special, we have put together a wishing well to help us start this new chapter.”

“Celebrating our wedding day with you is the best gift we could ask for! However, if you would like to surprise us with a gift, a contribution towards our honeymoon would be greatly appreciated."

Wedding Website Copywriting Examples for Difficult Situations (2)

If you don't want gifts...

“Please, no gifts. Celebrating with our family and friends on our special day is all we need!”

“We are blessed with everything we need for this new chapter. So please, no gifts, just bring your company, your appetite, and your dancing shoes!

Remember to keep it short, sweet and sweet. As long as you say it tactfully, your guests will honestly appreciate the option of choosing a gift they know will be well received!

Childless marriage essay examples

planning aadults-only reception? If your venue cannot accommodate children, or you just want all of your guests to relax and dance the night away, the subject of children at weddings can be a touchy one.

Most parents will completely understand (and maybe even appreciate!) about a childless marriage, but it's important to tactfully convey this on the wedding website to avoid any awkwardness.

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Keep your writing simple and direct. If that makes you more comfortable, subtly explain the reason for the decision, whether it's due to location or budget constraints.

However, don't elaborate too much or feel like you need to justify yourself; this can make it more of an issue than it needs to be. A simple sentence will allow you to convey the message without causing confusion.

Get inspired by the following examples:

“Although we love your little ones, please note that our wedding reception will be for adults only”

“To allow all of our guests a chance to relax, this is an adults-only celebration. Thank you for your understanding!"

“Unfortunately, as our venue is not suitable for the little ones, this will be an adults-only reception. We hope this gives them a well deserved night off to celebrate with us!”

Of course, there may be exceptions to this rule, such as breastfeeding mothers with newborns. In this case, it is better to approach these parents separately, rather than flagging them on the wedding website.

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Wedding dress code writing examples

While the wedding venue is usually a good indication of the expected dress code, it always helps to prepare your guests when it comes to the proper attire for your wedding day.

Nobody likes to feel bad or underdressed, so a notice on your wedding website will ensure your guests feel comfortable on the day. But there can be a fine line between suggesting the right outfit and telling guests what to wear!

Whether you're planning a black-tie party or a rustic barn reception, a guide to your dress code can be explained in a short sentence or two. You can also include practical notes about things like shoes or the weather; basically anything that helps your guests feel comfortable!

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Some useful examples to consider include:

We can't wait to dance the night away with our favorite people. Dress to impress in your best cocktail attire!”

“This will be a low-key celebration with only our nearest and dearest. No suits or ball gowns needed!”

“Our wedding reception will be held on the lawn. Keep that in mind when choosing comfortable shoes and clothes!”

“Although we installed heaters, our place experiences cool breezes this time of year. A warm coat is recommended!”

Disconnected Ceremony Writing Examples

Unplugged ceremonies are a great way to encourage your guests to really be in the moment, as well as allowing your photographers to get uninterrupted shots of the process.

However, enthusiastic guests tend to be happy without realizing they might be causing a distraction. So how can you inform your guests that their electronic devices are not welcome until after the ceremony?

Our advice is to keep things short and sweet while allowing your guests to understand why you opted for a camera-free ceremony. Take some clues from the following example words:

“We invite you to be truly present with us during our nuptials with a disconnected ceremony. We kindly ask that phones and cameras remain out of sight until the ceremony concludes!"

“We can't wait to get married in front of our favorite people! We hope you can enjoy this special time with us without a camera, so please don't take pictures until after the ceremony is over."

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Please note that our ceremony will be a celebration of love without cameras. Thanks in advance for your understanding. We are so excited to share this special moment with you!”

“We have 2 experienced photographers capturing our day so please request an unplugged ceremony. We will be happy to share our professional images with you after the wedding!”

Giving your guests insight into the sentimental reasons behind an unplugged ceremony is a great way to get them on the same page. You can also reuse this same text on your wedding day with a sign placed at the entrance to the ceremony.

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Examples of wedding essay plus some

Possibly one of the most complicated topics you will have to deal with is the delicate subject of the most!

Although you already recognized this in thewriting your wedding invitations, a gentle reminder on your wedding website might be a good idea if you're still worried about unexpected guests.

The best approach when it comes to writing the positives is to reference external factors like the location or guest list restrictions. This helps take the emotion out of the issue and lets your guests understand that it was a practical decision, not a personal one.

You may want to consider the following word examples:

“Due to space limitations at our venue, we are unfortunately unable to extend invitations to additional guests. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to celebrating with you!”

“We'd love to share our special day with as many people as possible, but due to venue restrictions, we can't accommodate more people. Thank you for your understanding!"

Your wording should be factual and accurate, but it's also polite to convey your apologies and thank guests for their cooperation. Remember that most of your guests are completely unaware of thecosts involved in planninga marriage, and you must fully understand your position!

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Wedding Website Copywriting Examples for Difficult Situations (5)

wedding website etiquette

Wedding websites are a very useful platform when it comes to planning a perfect event. However, it is important to observe yourwriting and etiquette, especially around more complicated topics like kids, records, and more.

While you might be tempted to avoid these tricky issues, remember that it really helps your guests prepare for the big day and they'll really appreciate it.

So keep these word examples handy and you'll have no trouble creating a useful resource for your guests to refer to, without ruffling their feathers in the process!


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What mistakes should I try to avoid in copywriting? ›

6 Copywriting Mistakes To Avoid
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  • Lack of Power Words. ...
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  • Focusing on the Negative. ...
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What are the four C's in copy editing? ›

Clarity, correctness, consistency, and coherence

These are the four C's of copy editing.

What are the 6 core copywriting skills? ›

6 Copywriting Skills You Need To Succeed, by Elisabeth Strasser
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  • Staying Up To Date. ...
  • Adaptability. ...
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  • Awareness Of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ...
  • Ability To Hook The Reader.

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What are great examples of short form copy? ›

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There was no question of a hard sell of a plot and the conversation ended amicably. We are being approached on the doorstep with a hard sell from people from an electricity company asking us to take their gas. They are being subjected to a dubious type of hard sell, and not an accurate description of the facts.

What is an example of a hard sell technique? ›

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  2. Don't fall in love with your pets. ...
  3. Make friends with simplicity. ...
  4. Write to sell. ...
  5. Know the difference between features and benefits. ...
  6. Find an angle that works. ...
  7. Don't slap your audience with your copy. ...
  8. Stop when you need to.
Jun 23, 2014

What is the most effective skill in copywriting? ›

Table of Contents
  • Strong Grasp of Grammar.
  • Ability to Write Clearly and Concisely Without Losing Meaning.
  • An Understanding of How to Conduct and Interpret Customer Research.
  • The Ability to Do Deep Topical Research.
  • Ability to Simplify Complex Information.
  • Understanding of How to Separate Features From Benefits.
Oct 12, 2020

What are five of the 10 common mistakes to avoid in writing? ›

Use these handy tips to improve your writing so your work will be clearer, accurate, and more professional.
  • 1 Overuse of adverbs. ...
  • 2 Too many prepositional phrases. ...
  • 3 Ambiguous (“Squinting”) modifiers. ...
  • 4 Misuse of lie/lay. ...
  • 5 Ambiguous pronoun references. ...
  • 6 Comma splices. ...
  • 7 Run-on sentences. ...
  • 8 Wordiness (inflated sentences)
Nov 28, 2019

What are six tips for writing compelling effective copy? ›

End with a clear, compelling call to action.
  • Hone in on a single focal point. ...
  • Know who you're trying to reach. ...
  • Use engaging language and storytelling. ...
  • Make sure it's accessible, conversational, and concise. ...
  • Prioritize the benefits of your product — not its features. ...
  • End with a clear, compelling call to action.
Jan 24, 2020

What are the do's and don'ts of copywriting? ›

Copywriting do's and don'ts (Pt I – the do's)
  • Do: check your copy.
  • Do: read a lot.
  • Do: keep an eye on your clients' competitors.
  • Do: think about who's going to be reading your copy.
  • Do: make a plan before you start writing.
  • Do: read to write.
Jun 19, 2013

What are keywords in copywriting? ›

Keywords in anchor text are one of the many signals search engines use to determine the topic of a web page so they should be relevant to the page they link to, rather than generic such as “click here”. “Click here” tells the search engine that the page the hyperlink links to is about the subject “click here”.

What is the 4c copywriting formula? ›

Copywriting formula #1: The 4Cs

According to the 4Cs formula, compelling copywriting has four characteristics: clear, concise, compelling, and credible.

What are the basics of copy editing? ›

Copyediting involves the "five Cs": making the article clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent.

How many levels are there in copy editing? ›

Copy editing has three levels: light, medium, and heavy. Depending on the budget and scheduling of the publication, the publisher will let the copy editor know what level of editing to employ. The chosen type of editing will help the copy editor prioritize their efforts.

What 5 things can make one a better copywriter? ›

10 top tips for being a successful copywriter
  • Know the landscape. ...
  • Find out what type of copywriter you want to be. ...
  • Have realistic expectations. ...
  • Research the company (and person) you're applying to. ...
  • Use social media to build up a relationship. ...
  • Don't oversell yourself. ...
  • Don't make spelling or grammar mistakes.
Dec 5, 2013

How do beginners practice copywriting? ›

Are There Really Proven Copywriting Exercises To Help Me Practice Copywriting Skills?
  1. Read Classic Copywriting Books.
  2. Write 3 New Headlines Everyday.
  3. Write 3 New Leads Every Day.
  4. Think About How To Make Something Normal Sound Outrageous.
  5. Create A Swipe File.
  6. Read One Swipe Per Day And Study It.
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What is the hardest part of copywriting? ›

As a copywriter, it's your job to find out what's exciting about the subject. This is the true challenge of a copywriter – to really understand the audience, you've quickly got to become an expert in the area and THEN find something unique the audience doesn't know about. It's kind of insane.

What are examples of short-form content? ›

Short-form content is typically any written copy that is around 1,000 words. Things like social posts, blog posts, and emails are great examples of short-form content.

How can I write faster and copy? ›

13 Tips for Becoming a Faster Writer
  1. Write every single day. Writing is like a muscle—the more you exercise your craft, the stronger, leaner, and more efficient it will be. ...
  2. Give yourself a topic. ...
  3. Create an outline. ...
  4. Gather information. ...
  5. Get rid of distractions. ...
  6. Set a challenge. ...
  7. Start a timer. ...
  8. Revise later.
Nov 19, 2021

How do you write short and effective? ›

  1. Identify a short story idea.
  2. Define the character's main conflict and goal.
  3. Hook readers with a strong beginning.
  4. Draft a middle focused on the story's message.
  5. Write a memorable ending.
  6. Refine the plot and structure of your short story.
Aug 12, 2022

How do you write a short copy for social media? ›

10 copywriting tips for social media
  1. Define your voice and tone. First things first: how do you want to come across? ...
  2. PAS (Problem, Agitate, Solve) Let's focus on what you're going to write. ...
  3. Keep it short and sweet. ...
  4. Simple is better. ...
  5. What does your audience think? ...
  6. Emotions are a powerful tool. ...
  7. Be #findable. ...
  8. Consistency is key.
Apr 21, 2022

Why is short form content so popular? ›

A lot of people don't have time for long videos anymore—they just want quick bursts of information that they can watch on their way into work or during their lunch break. This is why short-form videos are so popular—they allow viewers to get the gist of things quickly without having to sit through a full length video.

What are the two types of copy? ›

Here are some of the main types of copy and how you can use them for your business:
  • SEO Copy. ...
  • Email Copy. ...
  • Advertisement Copy. ...
  • Commercial or Script Copy. ...
  • Brand Copy. ...
  • Website Copy. ...
  • Social Media Copy. ...
  • White Paper Copy.
Apr 1, 2022

How do you sell when times are tough? ›

8 strategies for selling in hard times
  1. Visit the fundamentals. ...
  2. Stay in motion. ...
  3. Limit your exposure. ...
  4. Know and review your strengths. ...
  5. Stay in contact with current customers. ...
  6. Identify and help those in greatest need. ...
  7. Rethink your goals. ...
  8. Adapt.

What is a good sentence for hard? ›

[M] [T] He studied hard and passed the test. [M] [T] He studied hard so he wouldn't fail. [M] [T] He works as hard as any other student. [M] [T] I had a hard time making both ends meet.

What is hard sell and soft sell example? ›

The simplest distinction between a hard sell and a soft sell is that a hard sell is a direct, short-term sell, and a soft sell is an indirect, long-term sell. Most sales experts will recommend the soft sell. But the truth is, there's room for both approaches depending on your situation.

What are soft sell techniques examples? ›

In e-commerce, an example of soft selling is when an online retailer recognizes when an online shopper has abandoned a shopping cart with several items in it by sending an email to the shopper to ask if they encountered a problem or if they needed advice or answers.

What is the most powerful selling technique? ›

Effective sales techniques: 7 tips for more consistent sales
  1. Be systematic about generating leads. ...
  2. Know your sales cycle. ...
  3. Know your numbers. ...
  4. Actively seek referrals. ...
  5. Focus on securing appointments. ...
  6. Get ready for objections. ...
  7. Follow up and listen.

What are the five 5 selling strategies? ›

5 Sales Strategies for Businesses
  • Define your buyer.
  • Tell a story.
  • Target a niche market.
  • Sell your brand.
  • Focus on internal growth.

What three things make the difference between good and great copywriting? ›

Jody Raynsford

A good copywriter can bring your business story to life. A great copywriter tells your story in a way that lets your expertise, experience and personality shine. A good copywriter can write clearly and concisely. A great writer captures the perfect tone of voice to build rapport and trust instantly.

What is an example of a catchy phrase? ›

From “America Runs on Dunkin' Donuts” to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” the Nike “Just Do It” swoosh, or McDonald's “Lovin' It,” the best slogan examples are timeless, catchy words and phrases that live on in our minds, even when the television is off.

How do you write emotional copywriting? ›

Six Tips for Writing Emotive Copy
  1. Speak your audience's language. When it comes to copy that provokes an emotional response, fancy, highfalutin expressions just won't do. ...
  2. Use trigger words. ...
  3. Leverage emotional attachments. ...
  4. Unify the effect. ...
  5. Turn negative emotions into something positive. ...
  6. Be a mind reader.

What is the best niche for copywriting? ›

The key is to niche yourself as the best copywriting resource for a particular market.
  • Financial.
  • Self-improvement.
  • Travel.
  • Wine and food (think cupcake explosion!)
  • Small-business software.
  • Commercial construction.
  • Baby products.
  • Senior health care.

What are the highest paying copywriting niches? ›

Medical copywriting, finance copywriting, legal copywriting, and tech copywriting aren't the only high paying copywriting niches out there, but in 2022, they're some of the most lucrative.

How can I improve the copywriting to attract users attention? ›

How readability and storytelling are key in effective copy. The point of all copy is to get people to take action. Calls-to-action should be woven into every piece of copy you write. Keep your focus on a single CTA, don't have multiple CTAs in the content.

What are the 5 C's of good writing? ›

To introduce you to this world of academic writing, in this chapter I suggest that you should focus on five hierarchical characteristics of good writing, or the “5 Cs” of good academic writing, which include Clarity, Cogency, Conventionality, Completeness, and Concision.

What are the 4 most serious writing errors? ›

The article “Four Most Serious Errors” illustrated four most common errors in english writing, including fragments, run-ons,problem with subject-verb agreement and problems with verb form and tense.

What are the top 3 things you should absolutely avoid when writing for an online audience? ›

Let's get started!
  • 1) Don't Write without a Clear Understanding of Your Audience. ...
  • 2) Don't Write without a Clear Purpose. ...
  • 3) Don't Start without a Clear Plan or Structure. ...
  • 4) Don't Forget a Call to Action. ...
  • 5) Don't Write Content That Doesn't Add Value or Solve a Problem for the Reader. ...
  • 6) Don't Turn It into a Sales Pitch.

What are the four C's of strong writing? ›

Beyond these concerns, you need to consider what constitutes good writing. To this end, I find it helpful to think about the hallmarks of effective writing, what I call the four Cs of effective writing. Effective writing is clear, complete, concise, and correct.

What are the three C's of good writing? ›

Writing well isn't that difficult if you follow the 3 Cs – Clarity, Conciseness and Consistency. Here are some tips for achieving the 3 Cs. Clarity – Put yourself in your readers' shoes.

What are three common writing errors? ›

  • Wrong Word. Wrong word errors take a number of forms. ...
  • Missing Comma after an Introductory Element. ...
  • Incomplete or Missing Documentation. ...
  • Vague Pronoun Reference. ...
  • Spelling. ...
  • Mechanical Error with a Quotation. ...
  • Unnecessary Comma. ...
  • Unnecessary or Missing Capitalization.

What is a common mistake for writers? ›

According to Grammarly's research, run-on sentences are among the top grammar mistakes made by writers worldwide. A run-on sentence contains two or more independent clauses (a group of words that contains a subject and a verb and that can stand alone as a sentence) that are not connected with correct punctuation.

What are the 3 C's when it comes to a writing question? ›

Writing well isn't that difficult if you follow the 3 Cs – Clarity, Conciseness and Consistency. Here are some tips for achieving the 3 Cs. Clarity – Put yourself in your readers' shoes. You know everything there is to know about your subject.

Which one should not be avoided while writing your content? ›

Not proofreading your writing

After careful editing, proofread it for small grammatical errors over and over again. Small typos can create a bad impression on the reader and severely dilute the intensity of your content.

What are the three most common word choice errors? ›

Using the Correct Word Stem with the Wrong Prefix or Suffix. Translation Errors and Collocations. Spelling Mistakes That Can Change Your Meaning.

What is the 6 core of copywriting? ›

To be a great copywriter, you need to write well. This isn't as simple as it sounds either. You need to master grammar, English, punctuation, spelling, adjectives, and have a vast vocabulary to pull from when you write. Now, here's the surprising part: you do not have to be a naturally polished writer.

What are strong copywriting skills? ›

Aside from written communication, copywriters also need to have effective verbal communication skills. The ability to speak up during meetings, collaborate with colleagues and clients and initiate sales pitches when necessary may all be ways that communication skills help copywriters be successful.

What do good writers avoid? ›

Common Mistakes All Good Writers Avoid
  • Misspelled words. ...
  • Inconsistent spelling and punctuation. ...
  • Wrong usage. ...
  • Confusing contractions with possessive pronouns. ...
  • Weak qualifiers. ...
  • Sentences that go on and on. ...
  • Walls of text. ...
  • Lack of focus.
Mar 11, 2016

Why do most authors fail? ›

Many writers fail because they are so utterly afraid of failure. Instead of submitting their writing to different publishers, applying for writing jobs that seem like a high reach, or taking risks, they hold back. The piece is never done, it's never good enough to actually put out to the world.

What are the ten things that a writer should avoid while writing? ›

In light of this, I've identified ten habits every writer should avoid in favor of concision and clarity. Avoid wishy-washy words. “It was as if…” “It seemed like…” “It felt…” “I heard…” “I saw…” “There was…” “It was like…” “She sort of…” “They kind of…” “He probably…” These are weak ways to start a sentence.


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