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IIf you're in the middle of planning your wedding, chances are you've been struggling with the wording on your wedding website during all those *gestures*. We've written in the past about how to write the best copy for your wedding website, but it seems like nothing of the old world applies anymore, so we decided it was time to revisit the topic. Because if there's something 2020 followers deserve, it's one less thing to worry about.

By mid-2020 (already?) your wedding plans have probably already changed, or you're just figuring out what's going on (if, like me, you're just recently engaged). And communicating with your people can be overwhelming. Should You Build a Wedding Website? If you already have one, should you update it? What can I say? If you barely know what the hell is going on with your plans, how the hell are you going to tell someone else what's going on? I know how it feels to have to freeze in the moment even with small wedding decisions, so we did some of the work for you and wrote copy that you can literally steal and link to your website.

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If, like me, you've recently been hired and haven't built a website yet, you've come to the right place. thanks to ourWedding Website Writing 2020 To Steal | a practical marriage (2)longtime companion,square room, haveall step-by-step instructions and useful informationyou might need. Check out ours10 step guide to creating a wedding it while bingeing old episodes ofThe officeIt's good for the soul. A... havewedding websiteIt'll let you direct your friends and family to one place for up-to-date information, and it will free you from having to contact and call each one individually when adjustments are made. Hell, you could even have an email list built over yourssquare roomwebsite to make it even easier for you to take photosMail-Updatesto your family and friends. (Remember:square roomhas all the tools you need for a powerful business website, and there's no rule you can't use them to make your wedding planning easier.)

And now back to what the heck your wedding website copywriting should be. If you're looking for very specific phrases just for weddings and events in 2020 then you've come to the right place... just borrow the phrases we've created and you're on your way to a truly helpful phrase and informative guide . website in no time.

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Scenario 1: Writing a wedding website if you are recently engaged

So you got engaged... in 2020... hey, me too! Happy birthday and cheers to the silver lining of the weirdest year ever. Already feeling overwhelmed with questions from family and friends? Do you feel like you can't decide yet? Or maybe you've already made a plan to have a small wedding and a big party as soon as possible, if you can. No matter how your plans take shape, or if they didn't materialize at all (Hello, I'm here)...a wedding website allows you to put all your information in one place and give you a place to send people to make you not have to have the same conversation in an endless loop. So jump insquare roomand create a fully customized (and dead simple) wedding website yourself and steal a few pre-made words from the wedding website.

NO: Set free.You don't have to wait until you figure it all out to share your news. Everyone is curious what you think, so you might as well give people what they want.

ALSO: We are delighted that you are looking forward to our upcoming wedding. We need all things to celebrate this year, and we're currently basking in the newly engaged glow. Unfortunately, COVID has left us with some really big questions as we start planning the wedding. There are no plans set in stone just yet, but we promise to update you here as plans develop. (Note: We are thinking of late autumn 2021 and can't wait to celebrate with you, hopefully without a mask and with lots of hugs!)Use this time to reassure everyone, share what you can, and be authentic. People will appreciate any leads you can drop, but they'll totally understand that you're on hold right now.

PROFITIPP:Share your engagement and/or love story. You've got a website up and running, and you might as well fill it with some love and joy. You can share photos and videos, the story of how you and your boyfriend met and the details of how you got engaged. You know your great-aunt Peggy would want to know the story anyway, so why not get your wedding website up and running? You can then come back once the details are coming together.

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Scenario 2: Text for when you've moved

We are so sorry if you are among the large group of people who have had to postpone their weddings. You had everything planned out, the outfits ready, and then 2020 rolled around. If you've postponed your 2020 wedding or are preparing to officially postpone it, we have some advice for you.

NO: Forget updating your wedding website. Honestly, at this point, letting them down might be the worst thing you can do for your guests. As a guest at several weddings in 2020, I can attest that my calendar is marked and will remain so until I know otherwise. Would I go to these weddings if they went ahead? Hard to say. Will I still light a proverbial (Google Calendar) candle for her? One hundred percent. So I'm here to remind you... get on your wedding website right now and tell everyone what's going on.

ALSO: Same time. Same place. Completely different date. Let's try again...but this time in 2021. We hope you'll toast us on September 12, 2020 and save your dancing shoes for September 12, 2021! Obviously the safety of our family and friends is our number one priority and we just can't be dancing the night away within 6ft of each other so we have decided to postpone our wedding to next year. Thank you for your love, patience and all the best. We can't wait to give you a big hug... as soon as possible.You can choose to be a little fun and lighthearted or more formal, but one way or another, it's time to break the news to your friends and family. If you have a new date, share it now. There are likely to be people who need to cancel or change their travel plans and release hotel reservations; You will be grateful to know. If you don't have a new date set yet, it's okay to be vague as long as all the language on your wedding website makes it clear that the original plan is no longer happening.

PROFITIPP:Are you and your partner extroverted? Do you feel like you need something joyful to look forward to? It can be fun to host a virtual happy hour on your original appointment. Share the details and plan on your wedding website and take a moment to say hello to all your folks who were more than ready to celebrate with you. Talk about a way to celebrate the date!

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Scenario 3 - What to say on your website when having a virtual celebration

Have you decided to have a virtual wedding? Nice for you! Want to invite your friends and family to the celebration? It's time to tell them.

NO:Leave all details unclear.While virtual weddings have grown in popularity in 2020, not everyone has taken part. They should be too detailed, if at all, in telling when, what, and how. This is when you want your wedding website wording to be very clear... even repetitive.

ALSO: We've decided there's no way we can have the wedding of our dreams if everyone is two meters apart. So, let's be even further apart, but feel closer together. Since we cannot hold the originally planned wedding, we will meet online for a virtual celebration on the same day as our wedding. We're at home in our backyard and you can lie on your couch in your pajamas (or prom dress) if you like. We hope you will help us make our day as special as possible.Hosting a virtual wedding might not be what you envisioned for 2020, but your friends and family will no doubt be delighted when they see you say "yes" and raise a glass to you and the both of you.

EXPERT ADVICE: Read ourVirtual Wedding Guide, and make sure to triple check and triple test all your technical details so your grandparents can successfully join in the fun. Be sure to include details about when it will happen, how to sign up, and if you want the Folx to prepare to share a toast, make them a drink, or any other fun details that will help everyone relate to feel close even if you do it far away.

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Scenario 4: Writing the wedding website in case you canceled

For some people, the idea of ​​postponing a wedding and basically rescheduling is just... not out of the question. You know what, I respect that. If you've made the decision to cancel your wedding but just don't know how to tell people, we're here to help.

NO:Again, the main thing is not to let Folx down.If you've made the decision to cancel, you need to let people know as soon as possible so they have a chance to cancel their travel plans and adjust accordingly. Don't leave room for misinterpretation of the wording on your wedding website. .

ALSO: Friends and family, we hate being the bearer of bad news (well actually we're going to blame COVID for that) but we've decided to cancel our big wedding celebration this fall. We have looked forward to celebrating with all of you and are beyond grateful for your love and light at this time. We haven't decided exactly what our wedding will be like, but we wanted to make sure you're all the first to know about our decision to cancel. We send you good wishes and healthy vibes and look forward to seeing you again as soon as you feel safe. Love and hugs (virtual).Be clear about your plans and intentions, leave no questions unanswered. Give that out to your people. For the above example Icreates a pop-up windowto make it clearly visible to anyone who visits the website.

PROFITIPP:You might want to check out our note below thanking Folx for the gifts they've already sent you and leaving the door open for more freebies. Hey, if people want to treat you to something nice... I mean, let them.

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Scenario 5: Writing a wedding website for When You've Eloped.

So you and your partner have decided to run away and marry just the two of you or have a micro wedding. Congratulations. If you're looking for a way to share the news with your family and friends, here's how.

NO: Don't do anything you don't want to do.I'm inclined to think that your escape will be intimate and magical and you might not be ready to talk about it just yet. And honestly, you don't have to either. If you want to share the details, photos or plans... you have to. But if you'd rather keep the details to yourself, that's fine too. You are allowed to use the above words "postponed" or "cancelled" and not tell anyone about your escape if you wish.

ALSO:Guess what? With all the changes and sadness of 2020, we've decided we can't wait for our silver lining. We decided to get married anyway! On June 20, 2020, just the two of us sneaked into City Hall and made it official. If we could have changed one thing that day it would have been to have all of our favorite people with us. But for everyone's safety and well-being, we knew it's best to play it safe. We hope you enjoy our joy with us because you all... WE ARE MARRIED!If you're both comfortable sharing some details of your special day, why not? It can be daunting to discover your wedding website wording when... well, the wedding has already taken place. Just know that your family and friends will be delighted to hear of this good news, so please share as often as you like.

EXPERT ADVICE: If you want to share photos or videos, this is the right moment. (You can see howMeg used her Squarespace site to share photos here after her anniversary celebration.) Most people feel pretty down when all the things in life are postponed and canceled. So if you have some love juju... why not share? Your family and friends are sure to be more than excited to join in the revelry.

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SCENARIO 6: Writing the website for When You Still Want Some Registry Love

Whether it's run away, postponed, canceled or otherwise... maybe you've already created a gift list full of things you've been keeping an eye on and need for a while. Hell, you might have started receiving some gifts even before your original wedding date. What now?

NO:Don't register at all.Creating wedding lists takes a lot of time and energy, and even if your initial wedding plans have changed, that doesn't mean people don't want to spoil you with something special. In fact, they might be even more inclined to buy you that $200 sauce now that they can't celebrate with you in person anymore. I say... let her.

ALSO:We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has been so generous and sent us such beautiful and thoughtful gifts from our registry. We are infinitely grateful for all the beautiful items we have received which make our time at home so much more enjoyable. Even though our plans have changed and our wedding has been delayed, we didn't want anyone to think their attention went unnoticed. An adjusted wedding date will incur some additional costs. That's why we've added a cash gifts option to our registry for anyone who wants to help. But most of all, we hope everyone can be a part of our new wedding date. Verily, that will be the greatest gift of all.It's always difficult to figure out wedding website phrasing regarding registrations, but especially so in the uncertainty of 2020. I think the best thing you can do is be absolutely honest.

PROFITIPP:The "rules" of the wedding registry are kind of weird... You can't exactly ask for gifts, or you can't ask for gifts at all. But you can leave the option open for folx. Squarespace makes it super easy to link to your wedding registry, rightBuild it right into your wedding website-You can evenadd a donation blockto create your own fund for the honeymoon or those additional expenses. That way, it's easy for people to find and buy, and you don't have to come across as pushy or needy at all.

No matter where you are in your wedding planning, your wedding website gives you an easy, no-fuss way to keep all your friends and family informed of upcoming changes and plans. Wedding planning in 2020 can be tremendously overwhelming, but...and I can't stress this enough...don't be the one who lets down your favorite people. They've got their save the date on their fridge and they're excited to see what the heck is going to happen, whether or not they embark on their new plans, they'll be very happy to hear from you. Think of it this way: you give them an action plan, good news, or something to look forward to.

Do you have something specific you want to put on your wedding website and just don't know how? Ask us in the comments, we'd love to help you find a stylish way to upgrade your family and friends.

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This post was sponsored bysquare room. During quieter wedding planning times and these busier times, a simple wedding website that you can easily update will help take some of the stress out of you. We are very thankfulsquare roomfor helping share these tools with all of you who are currently browsing Weddings in 2020. Click here to launch your site (of any kind) today with a free 14-day trial of Squarespace. You have all the besttemplates, tools etchelp all the timeIf you get stuck APW readers get 10% off their first Squarespace purchase when they use the codeAPW2020in the box.


What can I put on my wedding website instead of my story? ›

You can share this moment instead of, or in addition to, a How We Met story. Other ideas include sharing a memorable date or milestone that you've experienced as a couple. Give information about each of your personalities and what you love about each other.

Is it tacky to share your wedding website on Facebook? ›

Unless your entire roster of Facebook friends and Twitter and Instagram followers will be receiving a snail-mail invite shortly—which we're guessing they're not—it's not cool to share your wedding website on social media.

Can you put a password on your wedding website? ›

If you want to keep your wedding details and photos out of the public eye, you can add password protection to the entire site or just some of the pages. This is an option offered by many of the website builders. Ms. Schwab says most people won't need to have passwords.

How do I tell guests about my wedding website? ›

How to Announce Your Wedding Website
  1. Create a Simple URL. ...
  2. Activate the RSVP Page. ...
  3. Mention Your Wedding Website on Save the Dates. ...
  4. Include Your Wedding Website on Wedding Invitations. ...
  5. Tell Guests Where to RSVP. ...
  6. Share Your Wedding Website at the Engagement Party. ...
  7. Get Your Wedding Party Involved. ...
  8. Link to Your Wedding Registry.
May 7, 2020

How long should our story be on wedding website? ›

Your story should be about 300 to 400 words. To make it easier for your wedding guests to read, consider breaking it up into sections like "How We Met", "Our Proposal", "Meet the Family" and "Relationship Timeline".

Should I make my wedding website private? ›

It's understandable that privacy is a concern, especially if your wedding website can be found online with a search engine. Wedding crashing can still happen, even during a pandemic. The best way to protect your information is to put a password on your website, and send it to only your guests.

What wedding website hacked? ›

The first was from Zola, a wedding planning and registry website that's raised nearly $200 million in VC funding from firms like Lightspeed Venture Partners, Valor Equity Partners and Thrive Capital.

What should you not put on your wedding registry? ›

Personal gifts

Items like clothing, jewelry, personal electronics (like a phone), or anything else that is geared toward one spouse or the other shouldn't be included. If you're having a shower, guests may end up purchasing items that are specifically for you—but you shouldn't include them on your registry.

Do wedding websites expire? ›

Your account, website, and registry will never expire. You and your guests will be able to shop your registry and visit your wedding website even after your wedding date, as long as you keep those pages Visible from within your Account Settings.

How do you say no guests on wedding website? ›

Put A Note On Your Wedding Website. Something to the effect of “We're so excited to celebrate this day with our nearest and dearest, and are hoping to keep the guest list limited. Thank you for not bringing a guest” should make it clear.

How do I show adults only wedding on my website? ›

Due to limited venue space, adults only please.” “Due to budget/space limitations, we are unable to extend the invitation to children.” “Although we adore your children, due to budget/space constraints we ask that only adults attend.” “Regrettably our chosen venue is unable to accommodate children.

How do you announce secretly getting married? ›

A great way to announce your elopement is to print your favorite picture from your elopement day and send it to your family and friends with a personal note. At the end of the day, your loved ones will be happy for your unity, and there are more ways to celebrate than being present when you say “I do”.

How do you politely limit wedding guests? ›

With the health and safety of our loved ones in mind, [Name] and [Name] have made the decision to celebrate with a very intimate ceremony on [Date]. We will be limiting our guest list to our immediate family and wedding party only.

How do you politely ask for money on your wedding website? ›

As we're getting married, we thought it would be great, To move into a brand new home — we really cannot wait! As wedding gifts are bulky and we're a little short on space, Some money would be the ideal gift to help us buy our place!

What are the 3 things every bride should have on their wedding day? ›

You may have heard, for example, that brides should wear (or carry) "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" on their wedding day for good luck.

What goes on the first page of a wedding website? ›

Your wedding website's homepage is the front page of your site—and the first thing your guests will see! We recommend having a short-and-sweet welcome message, a favorite photo of you and your partner, your names, and the major details of your wedding: including the date, location, and start time.

When should you release your wedding website? ›

You can start making your wedding website at any time, but you should hold off from publishing it until you've completed a few important tasks. You should publish your wedding website and share it with your guests around six to eight months before your wedding day.

Is 3 hours too short for a wedding? ›

4-5 hours will be your best bet for reception length. Do note that the ceremony isn't included in this, as it's just the reception (and cocktail hour, if you'd like to count that). Some people think that less than 4-5 hours is perfect and I really feel that even 3-4 hours would be plenty.

How many guests is considered an intimate wedding? ›

Weddings with guest counts between 20 and 75 are generally considered “intimate,” although we've had them with as few as six guests. While elopements are intimate affairs as well, we tend to use the term “intimate wedding” to refer to more formalized events with an itinerary and, often, multiple events.

How do you politely say no kids on wedding website? ›

  1. “Regretfully, we cannot accommodate children at our venue due to limited seating. ...
  2. “Due to venue restrictions, children under 16 are regretfully unable to attend.”
  3. “Although we adore your children, we have decided to make our big day an adults-only event.”
May 29, 2020

What are the 2 possible signs that you have been hacked? ›

Some of the warning signs that you've been hacked include:

You receive emails or text messages about login attempts, password resets, or two-factor authentication (2FA) codes that you didn't request. You see logins from devices and locations you don't recognize in your account activity or sign-in logs.

What is the most famous hack? ›

Kevin Mitnick holds the title as the world's most famous hacker ever, with this title dating back to 1995 by the US Department of Justice. Kevin Mitnick started hacking at an early age. He broke into the realm of public attention in the 1980s after he hacked into the North American Defense Command (NORAD).

What do most hackers use to hack? ›

Some of the most famous hacking tools in the market are Nmap (Network Mapper), Nessus, Nikto, Kismet, NetStumbler, Acunetix, Netsparker, and Intruder, Nmap, Metasploit, Aircrack-Ng, etc.

What people forget to register for? ›

  • New Bedding. ...
  • A Tool Set and Organizer. ...
  • A Hands-Free Vacuum. ...
  • A High-Quality Stand Mixer. ...
  • An All-Purpose, Non-Stick Pan. ...
  • Microwave-Safe Food Storage Containers. ...
  • A Grill Tool Set. ...
  • New Bathroom Towels.
Sep 29, 2021

How many items is too much for a wedding registry? ›

The rule of thumb is to include a little more than 2 gifts per number of guests invited. So if you're inviting 100 people to your wedding, you should include about 225-250 items on your registry. Although this may seem high, it ensures that guests will have ample options when it comes time to pick out your gift.

What should you not do before your wedding? ›

10 Things Not To Do a Week Before the Wedding | Wedding Planning and Tips
  • Don't Forget to Break in Your Shoes! ...
  • Don't Go Tanning. ...
  • Don't Wait Until the Last Minute To Get Your Nails Done. ...
  • Don't Experiment with Your Makeup. ...
  • Don't Cut or Color Your Hair. ...
  • Don't Play any Contact Sports. ...
  • Don't Forget a Balanced Diet.
Jan 22, 2016

Do you need an our story on wedding website? ›

Another way to show your creativity is to include an About Us or Our Story section on your wedding website—basically telling your love story to your guests. From your how-we-met tale to the first date to your proposal, you'll take your loved ones through every important milestone of your relationship.

What should I post on my wedding page? ›

Add your names, wedding date, start time and location to your website. You can also share announcements and logistics surrounding additional wedding events like welcome drinks or a farewell brunch. Don't forget to add an RSVP date (or online RSVP instructions) too.

How do you word no plus ones on a wedding website? ›

An example FAQ may look like this:

Unfortunately, due to budget and space limitations, we simply can't afford for all of our lovely guests to bring a guest of their own. Therefore, we regretfully our guests to please not bring a plus one, unless they are specifically named on the invitation.

How do you say no social media on wedding? ›

Let your guests know in advance

You can add something along the lines of “We politely ask that our guests don't share photos of our wedding on social media- thank you for your understanding”, or “We kindly request no photos on social media until we post our first picture as Mr & Mrs”.

What should not be included in a wedding? ›

15 Things You Should Never (Ever) Do at a Wedding
  • of 15. Don't show up early. ...
  • of 15. Don't show up late. ...
  • of 15. Don't record the ceremony. ...
  • of 15. Don't overshare on social media. ...
  • of 15. Don't steal the photographer's shot. ...
  • of 15. Don't wear white. ...
  • of 15. Don't bring an unexpected plus one. ...
  • of 15.
Mar 15, 2018

Do you pay for your own wedding on don't tell the bride? ›

Couples are given £13,000 to plan their wedding day on the show. There's no restrictions on what the money can be spent on (as long as it's for the wedding), hence mega expensive stag dos and only £200 left for the wedding dress!

What is the best quote for a wedding? ›

Heartfelt Wedding Quotes
  • “For you see, each day I love you more. ...
  • “I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. ...
  • “Love recognizes no barriers. ...
  • “Walking with your hands in mine and mine in yours, that's exactly where I want to be always.” —
Jan 5, 2023

How do you tell guests not to bring extra guests? ›

Sample wedding invitation wording for no extra guests

Due to limited seating arrangements, invitations are limited to specified guests only. We appreciate your support and appreciation of our union. We are only able to accomodate guests named on the invitations. Thank you for celebrating with us.

How do you tell someone they Cannot bring a plus one? ›

Politely say, “Unfortunately, your desire to bring a guest can't be accommodated this time, but I am looking forward to seeing you at the event.”

How do you tell wedding guests not to bring a plus one? ›

If your guest just goes ahead and writes in a plus-one on their RSVP card, you need to address it tactfully. Call them and graciously explain that their plus-one is, unfortunately, not invited. Give a reason like budget or space, or refer back to your hard-and-fast rules to let them know this is the case for everyone.

How do you ask guests to not take pictures? ›

Ensure that you let guests know you don't want them taking photos ahead of time by including a brief note with your invitations, something along the lines of: “It is our sincerest wish that photos not be taken during our wedding ceremony. We truly appreciate guests adhering to this request.”

What do you call a wedding with no guests? ›

The guest list is small—usually under 10 people. In fact, some elopement ceremonies have no guests except for the officiant and witnesses. The ceremony can take place anywhere—From your backyard or the county courthouse, where (and even when) you elope is somewhat flexible.

What do you call a wedding with no cell phones? ›

An unplugged wedding ceremony is a ceremony in which the couple requests that guests put away cell phones, cameras, and any other devices in order for them to be present in the moment. We spoke with Toronto-based photographer Jennifer van Son, who actually promotes unplugged weddings to her couples.


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